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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 22

(What happened with Jennings?)

Greg's hip flared up on him, so we're just being smart with him today.

(So you're not that concerned?)

No, I'm not.

(What about Chillar?)

Happened out there in practice today, just had a spasm in his neck, shoulder.

(Did that happen during team?)

During one of the team periods, yeah. It happened when we went outside.

(How's Clifton's progress coming?)

It's getting better. I had a chance to watch him go through the rehab today. He's definitely further ahead than he was last week. So we'll see how he feels in the morning.

(Is there a pretty good chance you'll try to practice him Friday to see if he makes it through?)

I think it's 50-50, if you're looking for a percentage. We'll see how he does in the morning.

(Are you more inclined to play it safe with him after what he went through the first time?)

When you're dealing with a player like Chad Clifton, with his experience and obviously the experience that the medical staff has with him, I'm really going to trust them on the matter. Right now we're preparing T.J. Lang to play left tackle. It's a medical decision, and I want to know tomorrow, because I want to make sure Chad gets the prep that he needs to play in this game.

(Do you still believe if you don't practice all week, you're not going to play?)

Well, it really comes down to where you think the player is, how does he fit into the plan. I don't think there's an exactness to that. But you always want players to practice before they play. I think that's a general rule I would think anybody believes in. But when you deal with players that have played 10 years, it's really based on do you think he's prepared to play. And if I think he's prepared to play, then he'll play, and if I don't, then he won't play.

(Do the doctors think Tauscher is close to being in full drills yet?)

It's probably a better question for Mark. I know they feel confident in the plan that they have him on, the ability for him to go into the team periods and reps. I know Dr. McKenzie has a time clock in his head with players coming off of major surgery, and we'll probably stick to that. Mark plays a big part in that. He's been through this before with knee surgery and coming back. Just based on taking in all the information and taking it day by day. He's had two days where he's participated in the team drills, and I'm curious to see how the conversation goes tomorrow when he sees Dr. McKenzie.

(Is it possible he could be cleared for Sunday?)

For Sunday? I don't know. I think that would be a stretch.

(But he has been going through team drills?)

He practiced in team periods yesterday and today.

(If he stays on that time clock that you and Dr. McKenzie have, could he play against Minnesota?)

I'm not going to get into that. I don't even know why we're talking about Minnesota. We'll see. Let's see how he gets through tomorrow's practice.

(How's James Jones' attitude? Does he struggle at times when he's not getting opportunities?)

Attitude? I think James has been consistent. I felt James had a good training camp. He didn't have opportunities in some of the earlier games. I think there's plenty of good reason why. I like the way he practices. He's participating some more on special teams. He needs to grow in that area. But this is an excellent opportunity for him and Brett to get more opportunities. The way we play on the perimeter, not all of the opportunities are going to just go to Donald and Greg. I'm very pleased with what James has done so far. He had the two opportunities in the game against Detroit, and obviously the one was a big play, and the other one was a good first down. I think his attitude has been very consistent.

(You said there's ample reason why he hasn't gotten opportunities?)

Just the way the game goes.

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