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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 23

(Any inkling what you're going to do at left tackle?)

Chad Clifton is doubtful, so if he doesn't go, we'll go with T.J.

(How do you feel about Lang's preparation this week?)

I think T.J. has had a good week. I thought Wednesday was his toughest day, which is usually the toughest day for most of the players because you have your game plan, some of the new wrinkles that you're doing. But I thought he definitely had a very good day Thursday, and without seeing the film on today's practice, I thought the line as a whole was pretty sharp.

(Any concerns about Greg Jennings?)

Concerns? I spoke with Greg after the jog-through segment. He just went to the rehab part of practice. I'm not concerned about it, unless he has a setback here in the next 48 hours.

(Concerns about Chillar?)

Chillar, no. They did some tests this morning. They feel with the 48 hours, if it doesn't flare up again on him, he should be OK.

(How has Brandon played for you this year?)

Brandon Chillar? I think Brandon has, number one, been a very versatile player for us, the ability to play in the sub, also contribute in the base and some of what we refer to as Big Okie. Very versatile player, very intelligent player, and gives us a lot of flexibility. I'm happy with the season he's had so far.

(Any concerns on the defensive line with Wynn out and Raji's ankle?)

We really have the same numbers. Wynn is out. He has a hamstring injury, and Mike Montgomery I think has put together a couple good weeks. I thought Mike played well in last week's game. B.J. just keeps improving with reps, but he has this injury that has been lingering. Other than that, I don't have any concerns.

(With Spitz, is this a day-to-day thing or are you concerned it might linger?)

You've answered it, it's a day-to-day situation. As we all know, when you're dealing with lower backs, there's always an uncertainty to his specific injury. They worked him extensively today inside in his rehab procedures, and we'll see how he feels in the morning.

(What do you do if you lose a guard now? Can Dietrich-Smith play all of those spots?)

Well, the people that you have the flexibility with still is Daryn, number one. Dietrich has played both center and guard through training camp, so he's definitely an option. T.J. has played some guard. We hope we don't get to that, but we do have some flexibility.

(You have T.J. at left tackle and Wells at center, so if you lose Colledge or Sitton do you play Giacomini at right tackle and move Barbre?)

Dietrich-Smith, we just talked about.

(He would go to any of those two spots?)

If we have that type of scenario, that is definitely an option.

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