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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 27

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s Friday press conference. will post these full transcripts after each of Coach McCarthy’s press conferences during the 2006 season.


(What is Jennings' status?)

With Greg, we were hopeful he would go today, but he had a lot of soreness from yesterday. He will be a game time decision. We're going to give him 48 hours to try and get ready.

(What did he do yesterday?)

He ran hard on it.

(Will you list him as doubtful?)


(Could he play without practicing on Friday?)

Potentially. It's an option. I think you need to practice on Friday - that's our belief - but he has participated in every snap up until this point. I'm not going to say he's a seasoned veteran. I probably couldn't say that about too many of our people now. It's an option. We're going to run him on Sunday and see what happens. We're just tyring to keep our options open. We feel very comfortable with our other guys, very comfortable with the way the week has gone with practice and preparation. So that's where we are at with Greg.

(Did you watch him run?)

No, he did it during practice.

(You'll work him out before the game?)

It will be a pregame workout.

(Any reason to believe D. Martin can continue to make plays unlike in the past?)

I do not judge the players - I had an opportunity to look at all the film from last year, have some experience with this offense particularly in the pass - but my judgment on all of our players is based on my interaction with them. David was a full-time member of our offseason program. I think that's part of where he stands in my eyes in our program, which is very high. He's missed very limited time during training camp and in the season, so I don't look at it that way at all. I think he's been very consistent, very flexible - probably one of the brighter tight ends I've worked with. He plays every position in the tight end group, and we, as you know, ask them to do a lot, so I don't agree with that at all.

(How important was the 70-yard run for Ahman and the o-line?)

I think that's a good point. I think that it is a play in the game that we can draw more from than just one win. To win that football game as far as the confidence we are able to pull from that game as a football team, the confidence we are able to pull for our run-blocking unit from that play, there are a number of things from that game that we'll be able to draw from. So I do agree with you.

(What have you learned about these guys as far as their approach before a game?)

This group has a lot of character. I really like the locker room. I think it's a good mix of personalities, they get along together. For instance, you talk about the team meeting on Saturday night, there's a lot of energy in the room before I get in there. I've felt very good coming out of that final meeting. During the course of a week there's a number of things that happen. You may not have the best practices you want and meetings and so forth. For as young as we are on paper, I think we are starting to grow from a maturation standpoint. I like a lot of things I see, but that really hasn't been our focus. My focus has been more on the field, just continuing with the fundamentals. Just look at the things we've gone through this week, really emphasizing for example the cut-blocking. Yeah, it's improved and everybody gets excited, but it's not where we want to get. Cut-blocking, particularly on the back side, is a major major emphasis this week and will be every week. So that's an example of one of the things we've really focused on. But as far as the way they work, I like the way we work, I like the way we prepare in the classroom, I think if anything there's been more of an adjustment to the structure and the culture because there was such a change from the past. Everybody says, but the younger guys don't know. But the younger guys follow the older guys, so when your older guys are making changes, it's kind of an adjustment, getting up early, a different time frame. I just really like the way our football team is headed right now. Most importantly, we have some momentum, we need to keep that momentum and keep pushing forward. But I do like the personality and the confidence in the way they go about their business. As far as do I see something different? You can overanalyze pre-game and things like that too. I learned that at a young age. But they're a pretty confident bunch. They get more confidence with each week.

(Will you use both Dendy and Blackmon in the nickel?)

Probably throughout the game, but obviously we'll start that way with Patrick. I thought from a numbers standpoint, the way we worked with it last week, that it was good for him and it was good for our defense too. I'd like to continue to go that path.

(Do you go in with Ruvell Martin as your starter?)

I'm fully prepared and have planned for Ruvell Martin to be our starter. Frankly, I'll be surprised if it doesn't end up that way. I think it's great the way Greg and the training staff are working to get him back. But once again, we're confident in our plan, confident in our preparation, and Ruvell Martin is ready to go. That's the way I'm heading into the game.

(What does he give you, as far as his size?)

He's a steady player. He has a lot of flexibility, that's the first thing that jumps out. He is a big target, a big receiver, he's done good things in the red zone. He had the big play last week on the long drive. He needs to play big in games, as in using his size, play big. That's his biggest strength, is his size.

Tory Humphrey hurt his ankle yesterday and we're going to put him on the injury list today. He's sore. I'll have to get more information on him when I get inside. He tweaked his ankle yesterday and it was really bothering him today. So we're going to add him to the injury list. Questionable or probable, I'm going to see where he's at when I go inside. He practiced today, but he wasn't himself.

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