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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 3

(What's the plan for Aaron the next couple of days?)

Aaron Rodgers, he has 48 hours. What we did with Aaron today, he went through the jog-through. That was more of a warm-up and he needed to get the mental preparation there, a number of things we felt he needed to see, along with getting Matt Flynn ready, was the focus of the jog-through. Then he went through a rehab testing period and hopefully he feels good in the morning, and we'll give him 48 hours to get ready to go.

(What's the medical staff telling you?)

It's been positive. It's been positive. He's making progress.

(Did he air it out at all today?)

Throwing was part of his rehab today. So he did some throwing.


Correct. Yes.

(Did you observe it?)

No I did not. It's really the same procedure we do with all the injured players. They have a different testing pattern they go through whether it's a hamstring or a knee, and it's no different for Aaron. It's all about following a progression, and it starts with Dr. Pat McKenzie, the meeting we had this morning, and the trainers. The plan was to put him through the progression today, obviously rehab him tomorrow, and again hopefully tomorrow morning, how he feels will be a pretty good indicator. And we'll probably work him out before Sunday's game, to see exactly where we're at, before we make a decision.

(Is the league pressing you to decide that position for Sunday?)

I have had zero communication with the league about Aaron Rodgers.

(How's the strength and pain?)

My understanding is the strength is definitely improving, and I'm sure there's going to be some pain as he works through the progress of the evaluation. I think really, how he responds to the testing today, like any other injury, tomorrow morning is a pretty telling tale, so that's why we'll work him out Sunday.

(Can he take a hit, a hard sack where he falls on that side?)

That's all part of the decision. I think how he feels tomorrow and see how he does Sunday before the game will be strong indicators. I'm preparing to go either way. Frankly, you hand in the inactives at 10:30, and I'm sure we'll make our decision close to then.

(After the jog-through, he went inside the Hutson Center with the trainers?)

Just like any other player. They go through the jog-through, and they go through a testing process in the rehab program. That occurred in the Hutson Center. Just like Atari Bigby did yesterday.

(What kind of chance do you give Hawk?)

A.J. was sore today, after his rehab the last two days. So he'll be a game-time decision also.

(Does his limited practice time concern you at all?)

It's just a matter of how we use him. The fact of the matter we've had six linebackers up the last couple weeks will be a strong indicator of how we move forward, with A.J. as far as how he feels, how much we use him.

(With Woodson, is that not progressing and will it be difficult keeping him on this schedule?)

Just based off the communication, it's hard on him clearly up until about Wednesday. It's been pretty consistent the last couple weeks. If he's able to stay the course and not regress any as far as the pattern he's in right now, until we get to the bye week, I think definitely the bye week will help him greatly.

(Will you start Peprah?)

Charlie will start if Aaron and Atari are not ready, which looks to be the case.

(How confident are you in him?)

He's had a good week of practice. He's been here three years now, so he has a complete understanding of the system. I have confidence in all those guys. I think we've shown that with the ability to put Aaron Rouse in there, and we look at Charlie the same way.

(Was Bigby worse today after what he did yesterday?)

Sore. The testing, he was sore. It's not a good sign.

(Any update on Al?)

He's going through conditioning. I've talked to Al at length today about where he is. Once again, he's a little bit frustrated, just with the type of injury. It's not something you can just go out and test. He feels like he's making progress, he's not feeling any pain and so forth. But there's a protocol that our doctors are trying to follow, and the next step is to take that scan, which will be in a couple weeks. That's really the next step, and he's just been going through conditioning and just following the regimen that the training staff has him on.

(Did you spend extra time with the quarterbacks this week than you normally would?)

No, a little more maybe. My job obviously has different, there's different angles, things come at me, Winston and I had a couple more this week than normal too. Probably down the stretch here I will. Today and tomorrow.

(Do you enjoy that challenge?)

I've always taken a lot of pride in the ability to develop quarterbacks, and it's no different as I stand here. But really the way we're structured, Tom Clements does a really good job. It's more about training the quarterback, and in my view it's putting the program in place, as far as the offseason, the in-season, making sure the fundamentals are taught the way philosophically we're all on the same page, and that's in place. So I don't feel like I need to be there. I think Tom Clements is an outstanding football coach, but there's constant communication between Tom, Joe Philbin and I. So I don't feel like I have to hover over him to make sure it's getting done at all. That's not the case. Like I said, I think he does a great job.

{sportsad300}(Have you gotten a good feel for Flynn this week? This doesn't seem to be too big for him.)

Not at all. I think you have to admire Matt Flynn's disposition, the way he approaches football. Nothing rattles him. He practices the same every day, as far as his demeanor and so forth. I thought practice Wednesday was a solid one for him. I thought he actually had a very good practice yesterday, and then today, we had a couple things he needs to clean up, so we'll get that cleaned up today and tomorrow. I don't worry about the game as far as the environment. He's played in big games. Matt's won a national championship, that speaks for itself. It's just, I say it all the time, him and Brian, they need reps. They need those reps playing at full speed and seeing those different looks the defense is going to give you. He'll be ready to go.

(If you had a veteran backup instead of a young guy, would you be more inclined to sit Aaron and play it safe?)

We don't have a veteran backup, so our quarterback structure is exactly what we've talked about. Matt Flynn is the No. 2 and Brian is right behind him, so that's my focus.

(So Rodgers would be either the No. 1 or No. 3?)

He'll either be 1 or 3. That's correct. He'll be up either way.

(If Flynn starts, how long do you go with him if he struggles?)

I'm a believer in you need to let the quarterback ... I've never believed in the quick hook. I think the makeup of your group probably has something to do with that. If Matt is the starter, he'll have a number of chances.

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