Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 31

(So much for bringing back the 'Big 5'?)

You guys jinxed him. It's in danger. Jordy had a collision in yesterday's practice, so he just had an ankle injury. We're actually going to test him down there in Tennessee on Sunday and see if he can go.

(What did Charles Woodson do today?)

Just limited, like he normally does.

(So he wasn't there during team?)

Team periods? No, he's still in the rehab program.

(Have you made a decision on Harrell yet?)

No, I haven't. We've got our management meeting every Friday so we'll go up there and talk about the inactives. We've got some decisions that we need to make today and tomorrow. Special teams will probably be the driving force of the decisions when it comes between who is up and down. That's what we'll meet on today, and Justin's situation is part of that conversation.

(How much did Rodgers do today?)

Light. He didn't do any throwing in the team periods like he did the last two days. He was mainly jog-through, run game and certain situational things

(So he did team but just running plays?)

Pretty much.

(Do you feel good about where Jason Hunter is?)

I watched him today. He looked like he was running much better so I'm really curious to see how he comes out of practice. Jason Hunter is another one that we'll talk about, and Atari Bigby, just to make sure medically they are ready to go. I don't want to be inactivating guys if there is any question, especially if we have somebody healthy that is capable of going. That's all part of today's conversation.

(If Bigby is active would he start?)

If Atari is active he would definitely start and definitely play, and Aaron Rouse will also play. We feel very good about that group. Aaron has done a very good job with his productivity when he has played. Once again, I want to get the full body of work. There are conversations that have to go on as I go upstairs. I've got to talk to Kurt and Bob Sanders and make sure that they felt Atari moved well again today. As far as any decisions on who is starting and this and that, that will come in the next 48 hours.

(You like to get a lot of guys involved offensively, but is that more difficult on defense?)

Defense is always a little different, because one thing on offense, everybody talks about it being a chess match but when the ball is snapped and the play is over the offense is sending in their personnel group. So the defense is reacting to what the offense is sending in, so their challenge of definitely sorting and rotating is a little bit different offensively. Sometimes you may have certain reps that you want to give to certain guys and it may not balance out exactly the way you wanted week in and week out.

(Seeing Al Harris practice all week, do you have all of the confidence in him that he can go forward?)

He's another one that is part of that conversation. Just watching him out there today, I thought he practiced well all week. I don't foresee any problems. It's really the same thing I've been saying about Atari, Al, Justin, all of those guys. Get the full body of work this week and we'll make the decisions then.

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