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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 6

Read the transcript of Mike McCarthy’s Friday press conference. will post these full transcripts following each of Coach McCarthy’s press conferences throughout the 2006 season.


(What is Ahman's status now?)

He practiced today, so we'll see how he does here in the training room. But like I felt all along, I think we'll be fine there.

(How did he look?)

He looked good. Went through the whole practice. Looked good.

(Where was Driver today?)

He had some further tests done on his side, so we're waiting for the results on that.

(Is there possibly some internal damage or anything?)

That's why we had him tested.

(What will he be listed as?)

Probably questionable.

(Is it the possibility of a cracked rib or something?)

It's just uncomfortable. So we're being proactive and sent him for some further tests. He just got back, so I don't have any more information than that.

(Are you going to call up one of the wide receivers from the practice squad just in case?)

Yeah, that could be an option. Once again, we need to get all the information. But that is definitely an option.

(With Ahman's status, do you feel more comfortable with Morency based on what you saw Monday night?)

Yes, very pleased with his performance, and we're going to play them both. You'd like to have that 1-2 punch, keep them both fresh. We feel good about the halfback position. Also Noah, he's ready to go too. We're in a lot better shape there than we were at the beginning of the year.

(If Driver can't go, does Robinson know enough of the offense to be a starter?)

I would feel very comfortable playing him as a starter in the two-receiver sets, yes.

(When you look back on how you used Green earlier this season, did that have anything to do with where he's at?)

You mean his hamstrings? I'm not going to say no, because I don't have control over his body. But it's like anything else, it's communication with how he feels and so forth. My experience with individuals coming back from major injuries, you kind of go through a period of some nagging injuries. His is a tight hamstring that takes a while to get warmed up, and it fatigues over the long run. So we're just being smart.

(How much better do you feel, now that you've seen Morency, that you maybe don't have to have Green on the field as much as earlier?)

We feel very comfortable for a lot of reasons. Number one, we know more about Mo. That's anytime you have someone new, you have new players coming into your program in Week 1, Week 2, whenever they arrive. There's a learning process of exactly what they can do. You have an evaluation process when you acquire players, but until you really get in there and live with them and get into specific schemes and techniques they're asked to do here, there's definitely a period of time you're trying to get on the same page, and I think we took a big step in that direction Monday night with his performance.

(Do you have a ceiling on how much you want to use Green?)

Yeah. We always try to shoot for that 20 to 22 area. He was getting a number of balls in the passing game on checkdowns that put him up in the plus-25 area, so I think anywhere around 20 would be smart.

(How much throwing did Brett do today?)

He took his share of reps. We worked Aaron a little more. Brett took the things more situation-specific that he needed to hit as we went through red zone, third down, things like that. But Aaron Rodgers got some work today.

(Is soreness still an issue with Brett?)

Yes. When you're dealing with nerves, you never know how long it's going to last.

(Donald Lee, do you think he can go?)

Yes. Donald practiced today.

(Do you know who your starters will be at guard?)

Yes, we're going to go with Daryn, and we'll go with Jason Spitz.

(Are you still going to rotate Tony in some?)

Yes. We're going to look to keep Tony going. Tony has been moving around the line. Tackle is his natural position, so we feel like the coordination of the backups at each position, we're in a lot better shape than we were a couple weeks ago.

(Has Daryn pretty much reclaimed a starting job?)

I'd say so, I'd say that's accurate. I think Daryn has done an excellent job going from the situation he was in in training camp, fighting back, and he's improved the last two weeks. I'm happy with the growth of the offensive line because it's really as they grow as a unit. You can see they're starting to get in sync, their fits are better, particularly in the run game, which is a product of us running the ball better, with the back and the fullback fitting in there. That whole group is improving. The performance the last two weeks in pass protection, if we do that all year we're going to be in great shape. That group is improving, and Daryn is a big part of that.

(Is Dendy your nickel guy?)

We're going to visit on that when we get upstairs. We worked them both.

(Regarding the Haynesworth incident, what are your thoughts on the police or prosecutors getting involved in what happens on an NFL field?)

I think anytime action happens in public, you're open to that. I saw the replay like a lot of you guys, obviously that's not what you want in our game. As far as how I feel about it, I'm not going to get involved in legal action, but I think it's consistent anytime they come to get involved in our game or any other activity, it's probably not a good sign. If it happens, I'm sure it's done with good cause.

(How's Clifton doing? Are his knees getting to him?)

He's going to be sore. It's not a matter of how he's doing, it's how's he dealing with it. A big part with Chad is the guy playing next to him, that continuity and communication, and I think they're improving. You hear Daryn more, going through the team drills and the communications. Chad is a talented football player, and I think he's really starting to get comfortable with the schemes. We need him to throw more on the backside cuts. He's doing more of it, but part of that is confidence, because he definitely has the athletic ability. I think he's having a solid year so far, and really you're seeing him and Daryn, the continuity getting better. That's very important, obviously.

(Are Chad and Tauscher still getting used to the cut blocking?)

That's a new technique for them, too. We're improving, that's what you're looking for. The last two weeks, as far as charting them, the success and the technique of how they're doing it, we are improving in that area, and I think it's showing up in the production of our run game.

(Has the league come out with any new rules about the no-huddle?)

I do have some memos in my e-mail, but I haven't read them yet. That's what Friday afternoons are for. There's a bunch of them from the league, every week.

(How have you prepared the offensive line this week for the blitzing you might see from the Rams?)

The thing about it, when you play a blitz team, it's a matter of breaking them down, because frankly there's four, arguably five types of blitzes. You've got pressure off the edge, pressure on the strong side, pressure on the weak side, inside pressure or empty pressure. When you build your protection schemes, you have you adjustments for those pressures. It's really more of a reinforcement of what we're going to do against them, the protection schemes we're going to use, and reviewing the adjustments. They're a multiple blitz team. I don't know which ones they're going to use, but I know it's going to be one of those five, and that's the way we prepare.

(Do you use the same preparation that you used last week for Jim Johnson?)

It's a different pressure team. Jim is an overload pressure. They really go about it differently.

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