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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 9

(Is it important to have Woodson out there?)

Practice is important. He's progressed with his medical situation. He's not in the boot anymore, so it's good to have him down there at the jog-throughs. It just wasn't in his best interest in prior weeks for him to be standing that long with the boot on his foot.

(Any chance after the bye week that he'll get past all this?)

You've got two more games, so it's really how he comes out of the game that will factor in how well he is. He's improved, so that's a positive.

(Did Aaron throw more than yesterday?)

Actually, Aaron went through majority of the practice. We really didn't do any throwing. He was involved in everything else but that. Based on how he came out of his rehab yesterday, Dr. McKenzie felt that it was best that he did not throw today. But he went through the whole practice and did everything except the throwing.

(What's the plan for tomorrow with him?)

I'll meet with Pat McKenzie at 8:20, or 8:30, and I'll know more then. He'll go through rehab now, this afternoon, this evening, and we'll see where he is.

(Will Hall be back in the starting lineup?)

Well, we'll see. We have another day of practice. He's been a participant the last two days. Looks good. A little rusty in some things that he did today, but it's good to have him out there. I anticipate he'll be active.

(How are things looking for Atari? He tested yesterday?)

Atari was sore today. We'll see how he is tomorrow too. He'll go through the Friday morning exam. It didn't go as well as we would have hoped.

(What's your thinking with Clifton right now?)

It's really the same answer for every guy, because that's what the doctor told me. Actually Pat came in today and looked at all those guys. He usually doesn't come in on Thursdays. But Chad, same deal. He went through his rehab, did a lot more in the weight room than normal, and they felt it was best to rehab him again today. And we'll see how he is tomorrow. He may not practice again tomorrow, and we may have to work him out Sunday. That's the potential plan for Chad.

(Is Lumpkin possible for Sunday?)

He practiced today, so we'll take a look at the tape. It was good to have him out there. He's got a chance to be up.

(If you sit Clifton, it would be purely because of injury?)

Clearly. Chad, we're fighting through his medical situation with his hamstring.

(Was that the major factor in him not playing very well Sunday?)

It definitely didn't help him. We sat down and talked about it. He felt that it really affected him as far as his knee bend and leverage, and he felt most of his problems came off of that.

(Is A.J. getting better? Is there anything you can do to protect the groin further?)

That's an injury that just needs time. We're trying to have a good plan for him as far as how much time to give him to heal and work through the rehab process and also get the proper reps to get ready for the game. The biggest thing is the practice environment you can control. It's really how they come out of the games. How they come out of the games is really the answer to your question.

(Was practice smooth today? Did you get what you wanted?)

Absolutely. Really, the last two days of practice, I thought the energy was outstanding. They were both very physical padded practices. Frankly what I told them after practice was over, that's the way you're supposed to practice. We had a number of repeated plays because of a combination of things. Maybe we didn't get the opponent look exactly the way we wanted it. I thought it was a very thorough, detailed, physical, a lot of energy, a little too much pushing and shoving after the fact, but that's the way you practice, so I've been pleased so far with the week's work.

(Did James Jones have a setback on Sunday?)

Yeah, every time he bangs it it's kind of flaring up on him. That's why he didn't practice today.

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