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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 10

(What was B.J. able to do in practice and what's his outlook?)

He's limited. I have not made it to the training room yet, so we'll see how he's responded, and tomorrow's appointment on Friday is always a key part of our diagnosis with any of our players that are injured. Pat McKenzie will see all of the players in the morning.

(Did you let him do any team?)

They just brought him along at the pace ... just being smart with him, trying to push the envelope a little bit.

(How much do you weigh that it's the first week of a long season with him?)

Well, if he's injured he won't play. We're not going to sacrifice one game for any of our players, especially in Week 1. So we'll see what happens.

(Did you test Blackmon?)

I don't have the information for you. I haven't made it over to the training room yet. I will visit with Pepper and the medical staff on Will Blackmon and once again, he'll see Pat McKenzie in the morning. As you know, no different than in the past, Friday's practice is the last chance for an injured player. If he does not practice, he will not play. Same thing with B.J.

(With the emphasis on special teams, how unsettling is it to not know if you'll have your No. 1 returner?)

Will is an exciting returner. He's been very productive for us. He's definitely a weapon. But I'm very comfortable with Jordy. I think Brett Swain has shown some ability there, and Tramon Williams has done it. DeShawn Wynn has also been productive. We'll just move forward with those individuals.

(Can you use Wynn on kickoff return when you might not have Jackson?)

It is part of the conversation with him being the No. 2 halfback.

(Did Raji test this morning?)

No, the true test was Tuesday, I think it was, where it did not go as well as we thought. We have a pretty good indication of where he was at that point so we wanted to bring him back at a slower pace today just to try to push the envelope to get him ready for Sunday.

(How do you feel about Jolly at nose tackle?)

Oh, I feel fine. Johnny has played inside in the past here in the old four-man scheme, so it's not foreign to him. Especially playing the front-side gap and the things that we ask our nose to do, I think Johnny will be fine at nose guard. I have no problems with Johnny there.

(In the unlikely event something happens to Flynn, who's the backup holder?)

We'll have that for you in the future. We're working through it.

(Are you still taking auditions there?)

No, we're not having auditions. We have a couple of plans in mind. Just be smart. It's important for Aaron and Matt both to play appropriately and just be smart, especially when they are in space.

(Are you still hoping to have Pickett around 25-30 snaps per game?)

We don't have players on limited snaps. It's really based on how the game goes. We're going to play our defensive personnel vs. their offensive personnel. Situations play factors into that, so we have a game plan set and we'll see how it sorts out. Really the offense dictates how much the defensive personnel will play for the most part and the situations of the game will dictate that also.

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