Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 11

(Did Brandon Jackson pass his concussion test?)

That will be determined today. He went through his workout as far as the first part of practice and then went through the rehab. I would be surprised if he's not cleared. I'm not a doctor, though.

(What happened with Aaron Rouse?)

Sprained ankle. In practice.

(How about Brandon Chillar?)

Back. He went through the limited part. He'll probably practice tomorrow. I anticipate he'll play.

(Something just flared up?)

Just kind of flared up on him, yeah.

(Did Rouse sprain his ankle today?)


(What is Ryan Grant able to do? Are you just trying to keep him off his feet?)

The plan for Ryan was to go limited yesterday and today, and he's treating his hamstring. He's going through rehab for the hamstring. He'll go through a portion of practice tomorrow, and we'll test it and we'll know where he stands Saturday morning.

(So it's not just planned rest, but you also have to see what he is able to do?)

Absolutely, yes.

(Is Ryan Pickett pretty much full-go now?)

Ryan Pickett had a hamstring throughout camp, but he went through the game, didn't have any after-effects, full participant in practice. So yes, I would classify him as full-go.

(If training camp had been the regular season, would his timetable have been accelerated?)

We don't bring anybody around slowly. We bring them around as fast as they can heal. There's a testing process. When players get hurt, particularly muscle pulls or strains, anything involved in that particular type injury, there's a rehab process that they go through. It obviously varies to the person, the body type and things like that factor. But there's a testing that happens for the player to get back on the field, because they try to put them through as much as they can that puts us closest to actual practice or game situations. And Ryan could not get through the testing two days in a row. He had a pretty significant hamstring injury.

(Is he 90 percent, 100 percent?)

I don't do the percentages. When they tell me they're full, they're full. He's full-go.

(Is there a question of whether Grant will be able to go on Sunday?)

That's probably a good question for tomorrow. I know Ryan wants to play, and his communication will be that he'll want to play, I'm sure. But once he practices tomorrow, the information from how he feels Saturday morning factors into it, and Pat McKenzie, Ted and I will make a decision.

(With Charles Woodson's toe, is it just a pain tolerance thing?)

There's swelling and things involved too. It's obviously not very comfortable.

(So the bottom line is what level of pain he can play with?)

I don't really ever question Charles when it comes to that stuff, because he's played with so many significant things in his short time here. We'll see. We targeted Friday to see how he feels.

(Is playing on turf a factor too with Grant?)

It's not a preferred surface for any type of muscle strain, but we'll work him out tomorrow on the same surface, so we'll have a pretty good idea after tomorrow's workout.

{sportsad300}(How has practice been on the short week?)Good. Yesterday's practice was actually very good for a Wednesday. I think the fact that taking the pads off probably had a lot to do with it. But the practice yesterday I would classify as a good Wednesday practice. Today's practice, without looking at it, I felt very good about, we were able to get through all the situations. Thursday is our longest practice, most demanding practice of the week. So I think we've put together two very good work days so far.

(Given the youth of this team, do you have to guard against looking past Detroit to Dallas?)

I can understand why you ask the question. I think everybody has to guard against looking forward or the same thing, looking backwards too, coming off a big game, short week, Monday Night Football, the things you were able to accomplish in that game. That's not the way they're coached and that's not the atmosphere we work in. We clearly went through the corrections we needed to make from that game, because you are who you are when they turn the film on, and that's the reality of where this football team is, and I'm a very realistic individual, particularly when I'm talking to my football team. So they know exactly how I feel about where we stand today and what we need to get done this week to beat Detroit, and that's all we really talk about.

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