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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 17

Read the transcript of Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference on Sunday. will post these full transcripts following each of Coach McCarthy’s press conferences throughout the 2006 season.


(How damaging is this loss to your program?)

We're 0-2. It's a 16-game season. It's not the outcome we were looking for. It's disappointing, and we need to find a way to win those games, find a way to make more plays particularly in critical situations. I don't look at things as 'damaging'.

(Most TDs seemed to be going into the north end zone - wind a factor?)

I don't think the wind factored. Do you mean in the passing game? I didn't think it factored.

(Do you have to get more of the veterans?)

Well, when Ted and I first started talking about the personnel of our football team, clearly the veterans will decide and be the major part of how well we play. That is truly the case. I know there's been a lot said about our youth. Our veterans need to show the younger players the way in a lot of ways - in the locker room, on the practice field and particularly on gameday. We need to get better production.

(Once the score was tied - three plays after stood out - was that the difference?)

I don't think we handled the sudden change part of the game. Actually twice, they benefited from the fumble and then hit the next play for a touchdown. Sudden change is something you coach for, coach against, and we did not handle it very well.

(Did you think you would be further along in the running game?)

Our production today was not very good, but really the attention was lower than I would have liked. I don't plan on going into football games throwing the ball 55 and running it 20. We did anticipate throwing the ball more today than running it, but we did not run the ball very well today.

(Comment on dropped passes vs. Driver's great hands)

I thought Donald was tremendous. I thought he played with a lot of heart like he always does, but yeah, I agree with you. We dropped way too many balls today, way too many balls.

(Wearing wristbands for up-tempo, and how much of it did you run?)

We ran it twice today - once in the first half, once in the second half with the wristbands. It was kind of a no-huddle, some people refer to it as a 'muddle huddle'. We kind of did a half-huddle just to improve the tempo, try to standardize the defense. There is some history with the Saints and this offense too, from a communication standpoint at the line, so that was our plan.

(Limited on what you can do with the up-tempo?)

No, there are plenty of plays on the wristband.

(Can you run it for four quarters or just a few series?)

Well, if we start training our team for track meets. No huddle is intriguing, but you have to watch not to do too much of it, to answer your question. Our plan was to do it two series in the football game, and we accomplished that.

(Saw a lot of Reggie Bush on film - anything different in person?)

He's a special football player that's only going to get better. He's in his second pro game, but he definitely has the speed and quickness, and he's a tough kid. He obviously has a very bright future ahead of him.

(3rd down personnel gave you confusion - how do you get that fixed?)

They are a multiple offensive personnel substitution group, and then on top of it, the way they correspond their running backs. Having Aaron Stecker back today really gave them a three-way personnel grouping in their standard personnel groups. That was something we were combating with our personnel situation, and then when Al went in for cramps for an IV, we were down to one guy. That was a challenge for us in terms of substitution.

(Any serious injuries?)

Just cramps, cramps from the heat - nothing significant. Harris, Martin (David) and Carroll.

(Assessment of Koren Robinson?)

I thought he was productive in the kick return. He poured it up in there, had the one with a chance to come out. I thought he was solid.

(Last two plays of the game - what were the problems there?)

The third down call, I think Brett might have been a little early or Greg was late out of the break. I couldn't tell you. Frankly, I was focusing more on the protection today as far as live action on the field. In the X zebra hook, I didn't see what he had on the X, if he had to bring it inside or if he just missed it high. I'm not exactly sure what happened. He told me he just missed it.

(Brett's interception in the end zone - just him being hit as he threw?)

Yes, he was throwing the ball away. We went to a two back, two tight end offense there. Should have stayed with the run, frankly. I called a run and I changed it to a pass. They played Cover 2 and covered it. He was obviously rolled to his right, and he was throwing the ball away when he got hit.

(What did Franks do to warrant the unsportsmanship?)

I was told he bumped into the ref.

(As you focused on the protection, what was your assessment?)

Well, statistically we had the two sacks, but I don't have the stats right here in front of me how many times he (Favre) was hit. I'm not going to sit here and say it was great. I think he was under pressure for the most part, but we played the high side of protecting the quarterback today too. For throwing the ball 55 times, I guess you could say it was adequate.

(How do you keep the spirits of the younger players up?)

Well, I'm focused on Detroit. A 14 game season, you're playing for that as you build your program. We need to go win a football game. That is our focus.

(Talk about the tone the defense set - especially Aaron Kampman?)

I thought Aaron definitely set the tone and was in the backfield there a lot. I just wish we would have taken advantage of it a bit more. We had a big emphasis this week of starting fast, and I think we accomplished that, but there were some severe momentum swings in the football game and we were on the short end of it in the 2nd quarter. We overcame some adversity there in the second half, but they made more plays than we did.

(Any thoughts of going for it early in the game on fourth and one?)

Yes, I thought about it. I think it's important to take the points there. It was a 7-0 game and it put us to 10. I felt that our defense was in command of their offense at that point of the game, I mean it was early. I thought about it briefly.

(Think about challenging the Green fumble?)

I saw the replay on the scoreboard and thought the ball was out.

(They were trying early to block Kampman with a TE - did they adjust?)

I'd have to look at the film. I didn't watch the defense that close.

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