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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 18

(How is Daryn doing?)

Daryn Colledge, I think he's going to be OK for Sunday. We're going to test him tomorrow, so he's making progress.

(How much did he do?)

He just did rehab today.

(Is it a sprained foot?)

Sprained foot.

(Typically if a guy doesn't practice on Friday, he doesn't play, but is this just a different circumstance?)

I'd say the circumstances are based on when he was injured, being injured halfway through a Thursday practice, giving him an opportunity for the doctors to test him and go through that process. He rehabbed today, and we're going to test him tomorrow just to see where he is. I think he has a good chance of playing.

(Did you figure out how it happened?)

The specifics of it, no.

(What's the story with Clifton?)

Chad is limited today on Friday and that's clearly my choice based off what he's gone through in the offseason. Just being smart with Chad on Fridays.

(So he'll definitely play?)

Oh yes. Chad Clifton will play.

(You've made it a priority to not play musical chairs on the line. Are you inclined to avoid that if Colledge can't go or what's your thinking there?)

Well, musical chairs, I wish there was an exactness to this sport altogether. But it doesn't work that way. We're going to play our best five players on the offensive line, and that's what our decision will be based on. If Daryn can't go, we'll make those adjustments.

(What was Mason able to do today?)

He's going to kick. Actually he's kicking out in Lambeau Field right now.

(So your concern level with him is low?)

With Mason? Unless he comes in here tomorrow with an issue. But I think the extra couple days of rest have really helped him. He felt good leaving the Hutson Center in his warm-up, and like I've stated, they're kicking out on the game field right now.

(You had Raji a full participant all three days, but you have him as questionable...)

Correct. Well, I'm going to see how he responds from his treatment and so forth today. I'll watch the film and talk to Dom and Mike Trgovac again.

(What do you think on returns with Will? Can he do everything?)

Yeah, Will Blackmon, he did everything this week. He looks good, so I anticipate him full-go.

(What kind of progress have you seen from Lang in the event you do have to play him?)

T.J. had a couple moments in practice that he needs to improve on. But I think he's a young man that we're excited about. It's a different adjustment for a number of our rookie players, the ability to go from a training camp to an in-season practice structure is an adjustment. Doing the opponent squad, things for the defense, make sure you give them the right look, and to also play one or two positions, there's a lot on his plate. I thought he's done a good job with his opportunities on special teams. But he needs to pick it up with the offensive line, just the challenge of it. He hasn't done anything wrong, just the challenge of being ready to go with the number of different positions.

(Wells was less than thrilled with the decision at center, but has he reacted the way you had hoped?)

Scott Wells is a pro. I have no issues with Scott. Scott is one of our better players and he's a big part of our team. He's played a lot of football for us in the past, and I wouldn't be surprised if he plays a lot of football for us as we move forward.

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