Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 18

(A little surprised to get Sitton for the whole practice or was that the plan all along?)

That was the projection. It's good that Josh was able to go through two days of practice, and we'll just continue to work him as hard as we can.

(Was he able to do more than just scout team stuff?)

He took his full amount of reps that he was scheduled to take.

(How did Wells come out of it?)

Good. He took all his reps today too. I don' t know how he feels after practice. I'll know more as time moves on.

(What's your read on Humphrey at this point?)

I'm going to practice him tomorrow. Him and Korey Hall both, just like we talked about yesterday. Give them Wednesday and Thursday off and then we'll look for them to try to work tomorrow. That's the plan for both those guys.

(What's the plan for Woodson?)

Charles is on the same plan as last week.

(How about Ryan Grant?)

Same thing. He'll work tomorrow. Ryan will work tomorrow, same plan Ryan had for the Detroit week.

(So you don't think Woodson will practice at all?)


(Will that be a season-long thing or ...)

I think it's, just the conversation with the medical staff, it's really how he comes out of the games. It's really painful, obviously. He's in a boot. It depends on how he comes out of the games. It will be a week to week thing.

(He's a veteran and he's smart, but how does he do this without practicing at all?)

Exceptional. A lot of film study. We have a pretty good history here. He's missed some practice time in his time here, and it's something that he's definitely individually been able to overcome. And I think his coaches and Bob Sanders and they way they coordinate it with the other players, as far as the checks and adjustments, I think they do a great job of it.

(How do you rate if he's ready to go or not on Sunday?)

Last week it was really Saturday night. We talked after our meeting, and he assured me he was ready to go then. But I was willing to take it all the way up to pre-game to see if could go out there and move on it. But he got to a point mentally where he felt he was ready Saturday night. I'm anticipating the same this week.

(Did he get to that point without testing it?)

He's in rehab. It isn't like he's just sitting up here. He's in rehab up here. I hate to call him Flea, because it's his nickname, but Flea is in charge of the rehab. They work him pretty hard.

(What generally does he do in rehab?)

It's all weight distribution. They have the Swim-X and different type exercises there. You've got the elliptical. There's a whole range of things. I don't know the specifics of every exercise that he does. But he's very conscientious of keeping himself in shape. I know he puts a lot of time in on the treadmill. He pounds the treadmill pretty good. He's not pounding it this week. That's the biggest part for him.

(Did you see anything in the game showing he was limited at all?)

No. He played at a very high level against Detroit. He played well throughout the game.

(Even if you have Humphrey, will you keep Finley up for the first time?)

I anticipate Finley being up. I think this is a great opportunity for Jermichael. He's had an excellent week of practice so far. He's really taken on the challenge, and like I tell the whole team, the guys that are not up, it's not more about the position they play, it's more about the special teams. He needs to continue to improve in that area, and he's doing a good job of that. It's something that's very new for him.

(Would he be up anyway if Hall is down?)

We'll find that out later in the week. The medical part of it will answer that question.

(Is Peprah ready to do everything on special teams now?)

Yes, Charlie looks good. Charlie has had a couple good weeks of practice. The little I saw, he flashed out there today to me. I watched him in the special teams drills. He looks good. Looks like he's back.

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