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Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 30

Read the transcript of Mike McCarthy’s Saturday press conference. will post these full transcripts following each of Coach McCarthy’s press conferences throughout the 2006 season.


(Was Ahman Green able to practice today?)

He was not. We're going to downgrade him to questionable and get him as much treatment between now and the game.

(What's causing him the most problems?)


(Is it the same leg as last week?)

The other leg.

(When did he hurt it?)

Yesterday, in practice.

(Do you still think he has a decent chance to play?)

I'm hopeful he's going to play, just based on the information we have. But it's just part of our game. We have to get Mo and Noah ready to go.

(Where is Morency in this offense, how far along?)

I think he'll play more. He's very comfortable with the terminology now. I thought he's had an excellent week of practice. Obviously he did a very good job on special teams, he was our player of the week on special teams, so I'm glad he's here.

(Do you keep Noah in the third-down role and work Morency in on early downs?)

Primarily. I think that's a good rotation for those guys. Mo will be more on first and second down and Noah more on third down.

(Which hamstring is it this week?)

It's the other one (laughs). He hurt one last week and he hurt the opposite one this week.

(Will it come down to a game-time decision with what you're going to do with left guard?)

Left guard we'll go with Daryn Colledge.

(And right guard?)

Tony Moll.

(Is Spitz healthy enough to suit up?)

I think so. I'm hopeful. He's pushing it in his rehab today, and just trying to get where he feels he's able to go full contact. I'm hopeful he'll play Monday night.

(Was Pickett able to do everything today?)

Yes, he practiced today. We'll see how he feels. He was sore yesterday. It wasn't as good as we thought it would be. We'll see how he does when he gets back up here.

(Have you decided who you're going to go with at fullback?)

Yes, we're going to go with Brandon.

(How is he doing with the zone blocking?)

He has history in it, so that's probably his strength as a fullback. He's had a very good week of work. We'll have to make a decision on the whole position, but he'll start the game.

(What kind of skills as a receiver does he have?)

Looks to be good, what he's shown in practice. There's a lot of carryover from where he came from in Denver. It looks like he catches the ball well, moves well.

(Can you afford to suit both of those guys up?)

That will be a special teams decision. We'll meet when I get up top with the coordinators and we'll go back through the boards and the potential inactives one more time. But that will come down to special teams.

(How have you handled that situation with William?)

William and I have met during the course of the week. On a personal level, that's something that's not easy because we do have a prior relationship, but as you move forward you have to do what's in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers. He understands that and that's the direction we're going.

(Where does that fit among difficult things you've had to do so far?)

It's pretty high. Pretty high.

(How do you see using Spitz this week?)

We'll talk about it. It's one of two things, either the first backup or potentially a rotation. That's something we do have some extra time with it being a Monday night game, so treatment and rehab will be key factors in those decisions.

(Would you like to see those three go at it one more week and then decide which two to go with and stick with them?)

I think that, but more importantly the game Monday night. You have another football game to evaluate your players, and that's always the best information.

(How much has William regressed these first few weeks?)

I wouldn't say he's regressed. I think it's a matter of he had a significant knee injury. He came back very quickly from it, so I think it's more him coming off an injury than anything.

(Where is Koren Robinson in the offense?)

He's more involved, taking more reps. He's part of the rotation and we have some things in there, packages he'll be a part of. We're just moving him along, just being part of the group. I'm real happy with that group as a whole and the productivity coming out of that group.

(Do you have any gauge on how long you may have him?)

I can't really even comment or let alone speculate on the legal system and how that's all going to work.

(How hard is that as a coach, or is that just the deal you inherited?)

He's one of our 53, that's the way it works. Whatever the situation is, you may have a player one week and may not have him the next week, regardless of what happens to that player. Those are all part of your planning and what factors into your normal season, so I don't look at it as anything different than that, than an injury or any other reason a player would miss.

(Philly has the top-ranked offense, what's the message for your defense?)

I think this is a great opportunity for our defense, because once again I think you need to look at the whole picture. I think our defensive play, the positives clearly outweigh the negatives, and there's a small percentage of things going on we need to correct and this is an opportunity to correct it. I think our defense matches up well against their offense. They are playing at a very high level, there's no doubt about that. I think they do an excellent job getting the ball to their playmakers. We need to control that in as strong a fashion as we're capable. But I look at it as a great opportunity for our defense to step up because I was very impressed with them throughout training camp. I trust my eyes, I have all the practices and watched all the film. I just look at this as a good opportunity for our defense to go slug it out with the top offense in the National Football League.

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