Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 7

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OK, I'll start with the official injury report. Friday, for participation, Mike Montgomery was out, and his status for the game will be out. Donald Driver was full participation today, his status will be probable for Sunday's contest. Ryan Grant, full participation, he'll be questionable. See how he is in the morning. Brandon Jackson, full participation, probable. Greg Jennings did not participate, he will be questionable for Sunday. Aaron Kampman, limited participation, he is probable. Tony Moll, limited participation, doubtful. Vernand Morency did not participate, questionable. Aaron Rouse, limited participation, doubtful. OK, with that, I'll take your questions.

(What is Kampman's injury?)

Kampman has a twinge in his side.

(How do you feel about playing guys if they don't practice on Friday?)

It depends on what happened during the course of the week. With Kampman and Greg Jennings, it happened yesterday. Particularly this week, I do not have a problem with it because we've been practicing for the game since Sunday.

(Did Morency get enough work that he could go, and can he be football ready after missing all of camp?)

He really pushed it as far as his conditioning and rehab. As far as did he get enough work reps-wise, I would say yes in certain situations. I would not put him out there to play 50-60 snaps. That wouldn't be the plan for him.

(Did Morency have any sort of setback?)

He's sore. As far as where he is in his rehab, Doc McKenzie is looking for a little better recovery the next day when he really does push it. We did some things with him today, and we'll see how he feels tomorrow.

(With Jennings, is that a recurring thing, the hamstring?)

No, it's just something that twinged on him yesterday, and we're just being smart with him today.

(Do you have a feeling one way or the other on Jennings?)

I talked to Greg at practice. He feels good about Sunday's contest, but we'll work him again tomorrow. He went through the whole rehab phase today. I'll get some information when I get back in there. I'll just go back on what he tells me and what the trainers tell me. Hopefully they tell me the same thing. That's sometimes a problem.

(How much different do you feel heading into this season opener compared to last year?)

You feel better. I think anytime you do something for the second time around you feel better about it. Our football team I feel is a lot more confident. I feel we've been more productive in our preseason leading up to this contest. More important, the confidence is what I see a lot more of as we go into this game, compared to last year.

(How did Driver look this week?)

I thought Donald looked good. I don't foresee him having a problem, if he does go.

(Can Jackson carry it 25 times if he had to?)

Well, maybe we'll find out. But he's definitely young enough and strong enough. He's built for that. I don't think he's a guy you have to keep in the 10 to 15 range. I think he's definitely physical enough to go 20 to 25.

(How much concern do you have about the running game?)

I'm not concerned because the way we're going about it, and who's playing when and where, I'm very comfortable. The extra days of practice this week has really helped us in this particular situation. The guys are ready to play, and we'll cut them loose.

(Do you feel better with Grant being able to practice today?)

I really do, because you want to take three halfbacks into the game. Going into the game with two is something you really don't want to do. So once again, the health of that group needs to improve from top to bottom. But I feel better today than I did probably two days ago.

(Does Morency have tendonitis in that knee, and is it something he's going to have to battle all year?)

I'm hopeful he's at the back end of his injury. I'm hopeful this is probably the last week, or the last two weeks, of what he's going through. He's just got to get over this last hurdle.

(Is Jones the starter if Jennings can't go?)

James Jones, yes.

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