Mini-Camp Report - May 4, 2003


Approximately 150 fans showed up to watch a practice for rookies and selected veterans Sunday morning as the Green Bay Packers closed out their first mini-camp of 2003.

Among the veterans in the group, safety Antuan Edwards intercepted an Eric Crouch pass after it glanced off the hands of wide receiver Robert Ferguson during team drills.

Later, Crouch split quarterback duties with Zak Kustok and rookie Jose Fuentes while receivers and cornerbacks engaged in one-on-one battles.

Receivers coach Ray Sherman engaged in his usual jawing with the defensive backs, who were more than happy to reciprocate in a good-natured battle of trash talk.

Sometimes the receivers celebrated, as when Carl Ford beat fellow rookie Chris Johnson on a 35-yard flag route into the front corner of the end zone.

But Derek Combs earned praise for the defense when he got inside DeAndrew Rubin on a crossing route and broke up a pass from Crouch.

Veterans like Al Harris and Bryant Westbrook looked on at practice, but were excused from participation.

The Packers will conduct a second mini-camp next month with practices June 2-5 and June 9-11.

Today At A Glance ...

Where: Clarke Hinkle Field

Weather: 53 degrees, sunny

Did Not Participate: Practice for rookies and selected veterans only. No new injuries.

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