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Minicamp is 'a great opportunity' for Packers' young QBs

Offensive and special teams assistants spoke to media Tuesday


GREEN BAY - The Packers' offensive and special teams assistant coaches met with the media on Tuesday.

Here are some of their key comments:

Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin

On importance of extra reps for Brett Hundley and DeShone Kizer this week:

Today was great. We had an opportunity to do the two-minute drill and both guys made some really good throws during the drill. We had some really nice opportunities today and more scheduled the next couple days. This will give them more opportunities to get in there today.

On Kizer making progress in his drop-back:

It's always a work in progress. It's not a lot different than an offensive lineman practices a reach block from April 30 to when the season ends. I definitely see strides. He looks smoother, a little more fluid. I think the strides he's making.

On practicing during the offseason program under the current CBA:

Part of your job as a coach is what are you going to invest your time into. What kind of plays are you going to run? I think Mike sets up a great schedule. He's really structured and organized in terms of practice and meetings. The meetings are great, the walkthroughs are great, but we have to get these guys out there in the two-minute drill and see what they can do. That's probably the biggest challenge within the restraints we have to provide a really competitive atmosphere.

Run-game coordinator/offensive line coach James Campen

On Jason Spriggs:

He did a good job. It was nice having him back. He did some things last week. Just adding more reps to his list and moving along nicely.

On Corey Linsley being here for minicamps:

He's been working with Justin McCray and Lucas Patrick for the whole camps since OTAs, but his value is also in the classroom. He's the go-to-guy with David, Lane and Bryan not being in the room. He's good for the young guys and also good for his leadership role.

On the right tackle position:

When do they (clear) Bryan, I don't know that, but there's a lot of guys who can play right tackle, too. Just like there's a couple guys who are good candidates at left tackle and guard. When it comes closer to camp, Coach will have a plan and we'll all collaborate on it. We'll execute it and go about that way. I do understand your question because there's new people. Bryon Bell has 70-plus starts, so there's some veteran experience there, too.

Pass-game coordinator Jim Hostler

On what jumps out about Davante Adams:

When you evaluate players, first-step quickness, lateral quickness and ability to change direction in one step. That's obviously something you look for when you're evaluating those kinds of players. He has those characteristics. I'm still going through the process of watching him out there, but when you watch his game tape, he can play inside or outside. He has the ability to run multiple route trees from inside and outside. That allows him and the quarterback to play a broader scope. That's allowed him to have success.

On receivers having success as rookies:

It's hard to play as a rookie on the perimeter across the league. It's a different style of play from college. It's being in the right spot and the ball being thrown earlier. That's the starting point of why it's hard to play as a young receiver. Offenses in college football might have four or five different routes as a receiver. We may have 150. The amount of knowledge and adjustments you have to make at this level that puts stress on young guys.

On the three rookie receivers:

It's exciting to watch them. They're big men with length who can run. That's the starting point you'd like to have. They're bright guys. Their suddenness and speed, their body control even though they are big men, those kind of guys are easy to throw the ball to. The bigger catching radius, it's easier to throw the ball to them.

Quarterback coach Frank Cignetti Jr.

On working with the young QBs this week:

It's great. Anytime you get an opportunity to practice, it's an opportunity to get better. These three days are a great opportunity for these young men.

On Hundley's development:

I think it always starts with fundamentals. Not just Brett, but any quarterback. You go back to square one – the passing game, the reads, the running games, understanding the protections and adjustments. Brett has done a nice job. … There's nothing like game experience. You get a chance to watch him and he obviously learns from it.

Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio

On Marcedes Lewis:

Marcedes is a veteran. He knows his body. Obviously it was good to have him up here for 1½ weeks. He's ran a lot of these plays. Just getting up to speed on the verbiage.

On if this is the most experienced tight end room he's coached:

Yeah, probably. Obviously those guys have played a number of years in the league and all started. When you have three veterans who have started in the NFL, that's good. We're going to draw on that experience. … You have depth and it builds competition. It'll give us some versatility and position flexibility to do some things.

Receivers coach David Raih

On Ja'Mon Moore:

He has a great personality and I mean that. Ja'Mon, the big thing right now is getting him to learn everything we're trying to do so he can use his ability. He's a guy who grabs grass. He has stride length. He is high-cut and he naturally covers ground. The main thing is knowing what he's doing so he can use those abilities. I'm excited about it.

On Marquez Valdes-Scantling:

One thing he's doing really well is playing fast off the ball. The thing there, too, is these young guys are learning so much right now. There's little details, the more we work some of the looks and press-man, you'll see him play faster. One of the things we're focusing on is the first five yards coming off the ball.

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans

On Aaron Jones adding strength this offseason:

He's still moving around pretty good. You probably won't see his size come into play until we start hitting. I know his strength has been pretty good in the weight room. … You can tell by looking at his legs. I know he's worked in that area and gotten stronger in that area. It helps with injury prevention when you have a stronger lower body. I'm expecting good things from him.

On Ty Montgomery:

I tell all the guys the same thing – don't worry about the things you cannot control. Prepare like you are the starter and a guy who is going to play a lot, and a guy we're going to depend on. That's the same thing I've told Aaron, Jamaal and Devante. You don't know at the end of the day which guy is going to be the starter. He's in the game plan. He's too talented not to be on the football field.

Special-teams coordinator Ron Zook

On JK Scott:

There's no question he has a big gift there in his leg. For the most part, he's been fairly consistent, which is sometimes not the case with a young guy. I like his attitude. I like how he's come in here and he's talked to Mason. He's all ears. It's a sign he wants to get better and he wants to do well.

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