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The 'Ask' project continues to generate questions, and we continue to search for the answers. In this installment we address topics ranging from, to the Pro Shop, to the Packers logo, to Brett Favre.

Is it possible to watch all the Packers games live via play by play on the internet? Even though most of us do have cable, etc., there are some games we just seem to miss. -- Felix (Lakewood, OH)

While streaming video of Packers games is not available, the weekly Game Center on provides links to the Packers' official radio broadcast and to's live internet coverage, including play-by-play. In addition, provides multiple up-to-the-minute notes during each game, from injury updates to milestone achievements. Soon after each contest, provides a game photo gallery, coach and player audio and post-game notes, including quotes from coaches and players. To access the Game Center, either click 'Gameday' on the left navigation bar on the homepage, or click on an icon from the schedule in the bottom right corner of the homepage.

Are we stuck with using Windows Media Player to listen to the games on the net this season? It is terrible. Real Audio worked so well last year. Has Microsoft bought off? Thanks. -- Keith (Brisbane, Australia)

You're not the only one to ask a question of this nature. As many of you have noticed, this season game broadcasts are being provided via Windows Media Player, rather than Real Player. You might also notice, however, that the rest of the audio on (interviews, press conferences) continues to be available in Real, which we have found to be the most dependable and accessible format for fans. The reason for the switch to the WMP is not because of a choice made by or the Packers organization, but instead is the result of a change in NFL programming with which we must comply. The good news is that the NFL is reconsidering its decision, and hopefully will allow game broadcasts to be available in Real Player as well later this season. As for when that might actually happen, we'll have to wait and see.

Hi, I am just wondering where I can find free Packers wallpaper? -- Austin (Boscobel, WI)

That's easy, just click 'Multimedia' on the left navigation bar of the homepage, then click 'Wallpaper.' Enjoy, and keep your eye out for some new wallpaper images coming soon!

For perhaps a year now, your website states that if you make a purchase at the Packers Pro Shop you help the Packers win. I can't relate to this, in fact, I think it is insane. Does it really do the Pack any good? Thanks. -- Bill (Kankakee, IL)

That's a good question. Believe it or not, the Packers Pro Shop tagline 'Where your purchases help the Packers win' is right on the money. Here's why: purchases from the Packers Pro Shop - whether in person or via the internet or catalog - allow the Packers organization to inherit any and all revenue from such sales. On the other hand, if you go buy officially licensed Packers apparel at your local mall, that revenue is evenly distributed among all NFL teams under a league-wide revenue-sharing clause. Thus, if you went to your local mall and bought 100 Packers shirts, the Chicago Bears (and every other NFL team) would receive the exact same amount of revenue from your purchase that the Packers would, even though you bought Packers apparel. On the other hand, if you bought 100 shirts via the Packers Pro Shop, every dime of revenue stays within the organization. Translation: Buy from the Pro Shop, help the Packers win. Buy anywhere else, help the Chicago Bears win, too.

If you need any evidence of how important those Pro Shop sales are to this organization, consider that last year the Packers dropped to 20th among 31 NFL teams in revenue ranking. With no billionaire owner, the Packers have always been dependent on the fantastic support of their fans!

My boyfriend now lives in San Diego, but is from Milwaukee. Is there any way I could buy him stock in the Green Bay Packers as an anniversary gift? GO PACKERS!! -- Joely (San Diego, CA)

It was a good idea, but unfortunately, the answer is no. The Packers have had four stock sales over team history: 1923, 1935, 1950 and most recently in 1997. A total of 4,748,909 shares are owned by 110,901 stockholders (no one person can own more than 200,000 shares to prevent an individual from attempting to take control of the team). Not only are the Packers no longer selling shares, but existing shares may not be resold or otherwise redistributed. Have you considered logging on to the Packers Pro Shop (Where your purchases help the Packers win!)? Nothing says, 'I love you,' like a Brett Favre jersey.

I know the Green Bay Packers have held training camp across from Lambeau Field for years, while the players stay at St. Norbert College. I also know they spent a few years at the infamous Rockwood Lodge outside of Green Bay. Where else in the team's history have they held training camp? -- Brandon (Tuscon, AZ)

The Packers' relationship with St. Norbert College dates back 44 years, the longest run in league history. Next closest are the Minnesota Vikings (Mankato College, Mankato, Minn., 38 years), Pittsburgh Steelers (St. Vincent College, LaTrobe, Pa., 35 years) and New York Jets (Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y., 34 years). The Rockwood Lodge, which is in the Bayshore area, north of Green Bay, was the Packers' first official training camp site, providing a home from 1947-49. In between Rockwood and St. Norbert, the Packers operated training camp out of Grand Rapids, Minn., from 1950-53, and University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, from 1954-57.

What year did the Packers helmet first appear with a logo? -- Steve (Scottsdale, AZ)

The Packers have entertained a few different 'official' logos over the years, but only one, the current trademark 'G' logo, ever made it to the helmet. The year was 1961, Vince Lombardi's third as head coach. The logo was designed by Packers equipment manager Dad Braisher.

The Packers 'G' looks like the University of Georgia 'G,' is there a reason for that or just coincidence? Thanks. - Steve (Auburn, AL)

As mentioned above, the Packers 'G' logo was invented by Dad Braisher specifically for the Packers in 1961. Georgia began using a similar looking logo in 1964. According to Georgia's official website, head coach Vince Dooley "had been impressed with the look of the helmet worn by the Green Bay Packers, which featured the oval 'G' but in a different color scheme. Dooley settled on the black oval 'G' surrounded by a white oval background resting on each side of the bright red helmet. A white stripe was placed over the top." In 1996, Georgia then added a smaller black stripe inside the white stripe.

Will Edgar Bennett ever have an 'official' position with the team? -- Sarah (Oak Harbor, WA)

Actually, he already does. Edgar Bennett is the Packers' Director of Player Development. E.B. has many responsibilities, but perhaps chief among them is his role as a mentor for Packers players, especially NFL rookies. You can find out more about Edgar by reading his bio in the 'Staff' section of

How many Packers have been named league MVP and who are they (besides Brett)? -- Leo (Appleton, WI)

Since the dawn of the NFL MVP award in 1957, the Green Bay Packers have seen six MVP crowns go to their players, more than any other team (Baltimore Colts and San Francisco 49ers each have five). Paul Hornung became the first Packers recipient in 1961, followed by Jim Taylor in 1962. In 1966 it was Bart Starr, who was the last Packer to win the title until Brett Favre earned his first MVP award in 1995. Favre repeated in both 1996 and 1997, although he had to share the honor with Barry Sanders the latter year (the only time there have been co-MVPs).

Favre is the only three-time NFL MVP. In fact, only five other players have won the award twice: Jim Brown (1957, '65), Joe Montana (1989, '90), Johnny Unitas (1964, '67), Kurt Warner (1999, 2001) and Steve Young (1992, '94).

I keep hearing that Brett Favre is sixth overall in TD completions, who does No. 4 have left to beat? -- Darren (Washington, D.C.)

Brett Favre has thrown 287 career touchdown passes, ranking him behind only Dan Marino (420), Fran Tarkenton (342), John Elway (300), Warren Moon (291) and Johnny Unitas (290).

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