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The 'Ask' project continues to generate questions, and we continue to answer. Last time we dealt with questions surrounding Brett Favre. This time around we addressed some of the numerous requests regarding numbers.

Who wore No. 46 in the Lombardi era and what was his position. I have a photo of Vince, Paul Hornung and the mystery Packer No. 46. I have searched the Packers official site inside and out and have been unable to find the mystery Packer. Roster history does not list jersey number, so who is this Packer with Hornung and Lombardi?* --Christopher (Sheboygan, WI)*

Vince Lombardi's tenure with the Packers ran from 1959-67. In that time, only defensive back Hank Gremminger wore No. 46 in a league game. Gremminger wore No. 46 from 1956-65. In Lombardi's final two seasons, no player is listed as wearing that number.

My boss has a screen saver picture of Vince Lombardi and a player we can't identify. His number was 64. Who could that have been from the Lombardi era? Thanks, Go Pack!* -- Joel (Iowa City, IA)*

Offensive guard Jerry Kramer wore No. 64 from 1958-68. No Packers player wore the number in Lombardi's final season.

Which Packers players have worn No. 16?* -- David (Brookfield, WI)*

There have been 27 Packers players to wear No. 16 in at least one league game. The last player to do so was wide receiver Russell Copeland in 1998. Before that, the last was punter Paul McJulien in 1991-92.

Who was the last player to wear the uniform No. 5 for the Packers?* -- Novinstar (Lake Geneva, WI)*

The last player to wear No. 5 in a league game was kicker Curtis Burrow in 1988, one year after quarterbacks Willie Gillus and Don Majkowski both wore the number.

Has any Packer ever wore the number 0 or 00?* -- Ryan (Sharon, WI)*


What jersey number did Johnny (Blood) McNally wear?* -- Kurt (Pine, CO)*

Blood McNally is credited with wearing five numbers throughout his Packers career: No. 24 (1929-30), No. 20 (1931-32), No. 14 (1933-34), No. 26 (1935) and No. 55 (1936).

What were the jersey numbers worn by two Packers, Ted Hendricks and Fred Nixon?* -- John (Rhinelander, WI)*

Ted Hendricks -- No. 56. Fred Nixon -- No. 84.

Did anyone in the last 10 years wear No. 1, and who was it?* -- Ron (Pen Argyl, PA)*

Only one player has ever donned No. 1 for the Packers: Earl "Curly" Lambeau, in 1925-26. The only other number in Packers history to be worn by only one man is No. 2, that was the number of Charlie Mathys, also from 1925-26. (You might remember that Aaron Brooks wore No. 2 during the 1999 season, but he does not make the Packers' all-time roster as he did not appear in game action.)

Who wore No. 12 in 1974?* -- Tom (Green Bay, WI)*

John Hadl.

Who was the last Packer receiver to get 1,000 yards in a season? -- Wayne (Sandston, WI)

In 1999, Antonio Freeman had 1,074 yards receiving, and Bill Schroeder had 1,051.

How many and who are the 1,000-yard rushers that have played for the Pack?* -- Tom (Pasadena, CA)*

There have been seven 1,000-yard rushers in team history: Edgar Bennett, John Brockington, Tony Canadeo, Ahman Green, Dorsey Levens, Terdell Middleton and Jim Taylor.

Who is No. 1 on the Packers' all-time list for rushing yards?* -- Alex (Stratford, WI)*

Jim Taylor tops the list with 8,207 yards (1,811 attempts, 4.5 avg.), followed by John Brockington at 5,024 and Tony Canadeo at 4,197.

How many different receivers have caught a touchdown from Brett Favre?* -- Frank (Whittemore, IA)*

Thirty-one players have been on the other end of a Brett Favre touchdown pass. Antonio Freeman has the most touchdown receptions from Favre with 57. Reggie Cobb, Charles Lee, David Martin, Andre Rison, Harry Sydney, Kitrick Taylor and Darrell Thompson have the fewest, with one apiece.

What Packers player holds the record for most sacks in a game as a Packers player, and what game was it?* -- Todd (Superior, WI)*

On his way to a career year, Ezra Johnson picked up five sacks in a 13-7 win over Detroit in the 1978 season opener.

What's the most sacks "Six gun" Tim Harris had in a season?* -- Eric (Cedar Rapids, IA)*

Tim Harris tallied 19.5 sacks in 1989, finishing runner-up in the NFC to Minnesota's Chris Doleman (21.0). The total also ranks second in Packers history, behind Ezra Johnson's 20.5 sack season of 1978. (The Packers began recording sacks in 1972. Sacks became an official NFL statistic in 1982.)

What is the Packers' longest winning streak, and when did it occur?* -- Michael (Menasha, WI)*

The Packers have won 10 consecutive games (in one season) on two occasions, during the 1929 and 1962 seasons. The longest winning streak in team history is 11, twice (1928-29 and 1961-62). The team's longest streak without a loss was 23 games over the 1928-30 seasons (21 wins, 2 ties).

What is the biggest comeback in Packers history and what team was it against? How many points did they come back from? Thank you!* -- Craig (Mt. Laurel, N.J.)*

The biggest comeback in Packers history occurred in the 1982 season opener. The Packers fell behind the Los Angeles Rams by the score of 23-0 in Milwaukee, before rallying to a 35-23 win.

What was the Packers' win-loss record against the Duluth Eskimos?* -- Tim (Morehead, WI)*

The Packers all-time record against the now defunct Duluth Eskimos/Kelleys was 3-1-1.

Who was the last Packer to get 10 sacks in a season?* -- John (Fond du Lac, WI)*

Last season Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila finished the season with 13.5 sacks. The Packers have had at least one player earn 10-or-more sacks in 10 out of the last 14 seasons (years not: 1990, 1996, 1999, 2000).

What was the largest margin of victory for the Pack and against which team? -- Jason (Seattle, WA)

October 23, 1966, the Packers defeated Atlanta by the score of 56-3 in Milwaukee, the team's largest margin of victory all-time (53-points).

When is the last time the Packers were shut out?* -- Addisson (New York, N.Y.)*

The last time that the Packers were shut out was October 17, 1991, in a 10-0 loss to Chicago. To date, the Packers have scored in 169 consecutive games.

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