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More Than 24,000 Fans Participate In Packers' 90th Birthday Trivia Challenge


Dan Meylor from Mitchell, S.D., Grand Prize Winner; 90 Packers Prizes Awarded

More than 24,000 fans recently participated in the Green Bay Packers' 90th Birthday Trivia Challenge, an online contest that featured daily trivia questions on various aspects of the team's rich history.

A total of 268 participants answered all 19 questions correctly and Dan Meylor, from Mitchell, S.D., was randomly selected from that group as the grand prize winner. As the winner, Meylor won two club seats to the Packers-Bengals game at Lambeau Field, Sept. 20, and will lead the Packers alumni on the field to be introduced at halftime during alumni weekend ceremonies.

"We salute Dan and his knowledge of Packers history and look forward to having him at Lambeau Field for the Packers-Bengals game," said Craig Benzel, Packers director of marketing. "We had a lot of fun with the contest as a way to celebrate the team's 90th birthday and appreciate the participation of all the fans."

In addition to the grand prize, 90 other prizes were randomly awarded to participants. Other prizes included autographed footballs and mini-helmets, club seats to various preseason games, Acme Packers gear, Pro Shop gift cards and other Packers merchandise. A full list of winners is available online at

The online contest, which ran from July 20 through Aug. 7, featured an e-mailed link to the day's trivia question with multiple choice answers from which to choose. A correct answer increased the odds of being randomly selected to win a prize. Participants needed only to register for a chance to win a prize. However, with each correctly answered question, their odds to win were increased. All participants had to be at least 13 years old. The contest was open only to participants in the United States.

A full list of winners in the contest follows:

Brian Babel, David Barry, Cody Bell, Pete Billodeau, Sam Bosco, Joe Byczynski, Keith Carpenter, Ken Chwala, Gerald Clark, Eric Cunningham, Jeffrey Davis, Brandon Denney, Gary Domaika, Alan Donaldson, Nathan Eberhardt, Ashley Fait, julie fameree, Lanny Fankhauser, Tom Farley, Curt Fisher, Joseph Friday, Rob Friedel, John Giordano, John T.R. Gorman, Nick Greely, Peter Greve, Keven Hall, Jacob Hanke, Terry Harstford, Thomas Haskamp, Debbie Herbst, Ronald Herzog, Robby Hoisington, John Hyland, Kay Johannes, Jeff Johnson, Laura Joner, Kevin Kaminski, Aaron Kazik, Austin Kephart, Randy Kittleson, Matt Kraut, Steve Krienke, Joan Krumm, Steve Latterman, Douglas Lund, Marlene Makela, Rosemarie Mathey, Jim McCormack, Scott McKenna, Brad Meseck, Chris Muhle, Paul Nell, Charles Neumeier, Tom Nilles, Theresa Oostdyk, Matthew Parish, Trevor Parker, Mark Paulson, Randy Petroff, Steven Premeau, Alan Raymer, Roland Riggins, Trevor Roach, Bruce Roehsner, Jesse Roethel, Todd Rudolph, Gary Salo, Gary Salo, Lori Sass, Dave Senatra, Jason Springer, Sandy Strack, Tom Stuckey, Jim Vandenberg, Michael Veno, Mark Vittorio, Melanie Wahl, Sally Weber, Kurt Weinberg, Gary Weis, Rulon Wellatd, Chris Willis, Ron Wiseman, Ken Wisner, Dennis Woerter, Michael Wrage, Jeremiah Zimmer, Brady Zwiefelhofer

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