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MVP goes to the best player in the league

What was the NCAA thinking?


Dan from Madison, WI

Now that the Packers have successfully made it to the playoffs, would anything less than a Super Bowl win be considered a failed season?

Given the quality of this team and its seeding position, anything less than a Super Bowl win would be a disappointment. Failure is too strong a word for a team that's 12-4 and No. 2 in its conference.

Alex from Fort Wayne, IN

Vic, of the four wild-card games this weekend, which one are you looking forward to the most, and why?

I'm most interested in the Detroit at Dallas game because I believe it will have the most direct impact on what team the Packers will play in the divisional round.

Mike Elizabethtown, KY

Why are there so many different types or styles of helmets?

I guess it's because there are so many different types and styles of heads.

Josh from Baltimore, MD

What's your opinion on the college bowl season so far, and the first round of the playoff?

I think the NCAA is thinking to itself, "Why were we so dumb for so long?" This should've been done decades ago. What were they thinking? They were so rigid in their thinking that they became powerless. They were warned. The fans and media begged and pleaded for a playoff system, but the NCAA turned a deaf ear.

Bruce from Washburn, WI

The Wisconsin/Auburn game was a great illustration of a team imposing its will. Even though Auburn loaded up for the run, the Badgers continued to pound the ball. A good lesson to keep in mind as the playoffs begin.

The lesson is that scheme doesn't win, execution of scheme does. Auburn couldn't stop the run because it couldn't get off blocks. It was losing the one-on-ones up front.

Jonathan from Aurora, CO

Vic, fans of college football want to see teams in their conference win because of the national media recognition. The SEC gets all of the press and benefits of the doubt. If Big 10 teams beat up on SEC teams, it helps for the following year in the rankings. All of a sudden, with the bowl wins, the Big 10 isn't a weak conference.

That's not it. College football has always been about regional pride. It's always been about the southern teams defending their turf against northern aggression. It's the Civil War in shoulder pads.

Adam from Montreal, Quebec

For me, a MVP is someone that makes the team he plays for a contender, whatever that team is. For example, if you switch Rodgers and Watt, the Texans become the best team in the AFC and the Packers are out of the playoffs, which would make Rodgers the MVP. Am I right?

The MVP goes to the best player in the league. Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the league. He'll win.

Al from Covina, CA

An example of how you annoy me: Q: In your opinion, which team would be the most ideal competitor for the Packers to take on in their first playoff game: Cowboys, Cards or Panthers? A: My expectation is that Dallas will be the Packers'  divisional-round opponent. Sean-Luc didn't ask you who you thought would be the Packers' opponent. Do you have trouble reading?

I didn't want to answer that question. It's my column and I'll answer what I want to answer. That's the way it is, and that's the way it'll continue to be. It's very annoying, isn't it?

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