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My favorite Packers season is …

Patriots fans need a fundraiser


Jon from Barry, England

Vic, what's your view of the 2012, 2013 and 2014 draft classes now?

Combined, they have provided the nucleus of young talent for the Packers' future. It's ongoing. When you're a draft-and-develop team, you have to keep that wheel turning all the time.

Maximillian from Sydney, Australia

Vic, what are your thoughts on the Packers' current situation at the tight end position?

Andrew Quarless is the veteran, Richard Rodgers would seem to be Quarless' eventual replacement, and Kennard Backman is a prospect for the future. Those three players are a perfect example of how the wheel turns.

Ben from Indianapolis, IN

Vic, I have a hard time believing the Pats are the only team that cheats. Am I just skeptical in thinking every team tries to find ways to circumvent the rules?


Mark from Greendale, WI

Sean Payton was suspended a year for Bountygate, even though he didn't have any knowledge, but because he should've known about it. Am I off-base thinking Bill Belichick should've received some punishment for the same reason?


Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, who will be the MVP of OTAs and mini-camp?

I'm gonna pick Casey Hayward.

Coby from Brownwood, TX

In your opinion, which rookie on the Packers has the most potential for having a big first season?

I think all of the Packers' first four picks will have a strong opportunity to be that guy.

Bailey from Henderson, NV

Vic, do you think the Packers should have drafted a defensive lineman or do you think the Packers defense needs work in the secondary?

They did draft a defensive lineman. His name is Christian Ringo and he's a talented guy who lasted longer in the draft than his production should've allowed. He lasted until the sixth round because he's undersized. The Packers drafted him because of his talent, knowing they would have to find a way to fit him into their scheme. Ringo was a penetrate-and-disrupt tackle at Louisiana-Lafayette. In the Packers' 3-4 defense, he'll have to learn to two-gap to play the Okie end position. I like the challenge the Packers have accepted. It's why you hire coaches. You hire them to teach and Ringo is going to have one of the best teachers in the game, Mike Trgovac.

Matt from Stevens Point, WI

How will Tom Brady be remembered?

I'll remember him as the best crunch-time quarterback I've ever seen. Unfortunately, I'll also remember him for something else.

Scott from Hudson, OH

Vic, what is your opinion about Brett Favre and his impact on the Green Bay Packers?

He helped resurrect the franchise. He brought it back to prominence. He was the headliner the Packers hadn't had in a long time. By the way, I spent a lot of time in Hudson, Ohio, as a youth; my cousins lived there. I saw my first movie in a theater in Hudson. The movie is "High Noon."

Nathan from Denver, CO

Of your four seasons covering the Packers so far, which one provided the best memories?

They each have their own and distinct memories, but I think the 2013 season is my favorite for the great stretch run it provided. The Atlanta, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Chicago finishing kick is the best December I've ever covered.

Richard from Davis, CA

In the NFL, teams can remain dominant for years at a time (fortunately for us Packers fans), while in baseball the positions in the rankings are much more unstable. Why do you think this is? Do you think it's because of or in spite of the salary cap, or does that have nothing to do with it?

It's a fluke. It should be the reverse, but a few teams, such as the Patriots and Packers, are so good at finding and coaching talent, and at managing their salary cap, they have found a way to defeat the system.

Steve from Troutman, NC

Do you think the success of achieving parity should justify an expanded playoff field?


Derek from San Diego, CA

Scofflaws and death knells! I love reading your column. It increases my vocabulary and betters my chances one day on Jeopardy.

The category is "Words you don't use."

Rick from Shawano, WI

Is Hornung wrong? Or are you? Resign now and save face.

Hang in there. I felt a little heartburn yesterday.

Nick from Chesapeake, VA

Vic, how does Brady's suspension impact the Patriots' salary cap?

The money he won't be paid will be credited back to the Patriots' cap.

Dee from Florence, WI

Don't you think Aaron Rodgers looked just like Mr. Rogers with his sweater on Jeopardy?

I have a blue cardigan sweater I love but don't wear anymore because I got teased so much when I wore it. I'm gonna start wearing it again. Thanks, Aaron.

Bob from Racine, WI

Vic, when do you see the Packers' top three picks getting signed and what do you think is the reason for the delay?

What's the rush? They'll get signed.

Kelly from Placerville, CA

Vic, I watched some footage from the 1978 World's Strongest Man Competition the other day and saw Jon Kolb of the Steelers competing. Back then, it seems like the offensive line positions were purely about size and strength. How have the demands for the offensive line positions changed since then?

It's just the opposite. Kolb was the best left tackle I ever covered until I covered Tony Boselli. Kolb played at 6-2, 260; Boselli at 6-7, 325. The difference is Kolb played most of his career prior to the rules changes of 1978; he played with his forearms. Offensive line play was a motion game back then. It was about pulling and trapping and getting out ahead of plays. The rules changes of '78 allowed offensive line to use their hands to block, which promoted the passing game and put a premium on pass blocking, which became a get-your-hands-on-him-and-swallow-him-up game. In offensive line parlance, size defeats speed when size gets its hands on you.

John from Ash Grove, MO

Vic, some Patriots fans started a fundraiser to help the Patriots pay their million-dollar fine. Do those fans lack perspective or do they lack a connection with reality altogether?

I propose we begin a fundraiser to get those fans a brain transplant.

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