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Nall Displeased By Performance


After the Green Bay Packers' morning mini-camp practice Saturday, Craig Nall sat in his locker with an unmistakable look of disappointment on his face.

Having entered the week looking to demonstrate himself as a capable No. 2 quarterback, Nall instead has picked the wrong time to struggle with his mechanics.

"My release point is a little bit off," Nall said. "Mentally, I think I'm making the right reads and going to the right spot with the ball. It's just frustrating whenever I'm trying to make the perfect throw and the ball just sails on me a bit. I've just got to work those things out."

By Nall's own admission he's been less than his best this week, assigning himself a 'C' grade through four days of practice. "C-plus at best," he said.

Nall said a number of factors could play into his struggles with his throwing mechanics, from out-of-rhythm footwork to a new style of football that the Packers have been testing in practices.

But more than anything else, Nall feels he's probably been his own worst enemy. Looking to make good on his increased reps this week, Nall suggested that he was beating himself out of a job.

"I've got more competition between my ears than I probably have on the field," Nall said. "I'm pretty tough on myself. I want to be perfect. I want to be great. Sometimes that kind of hinders me a bit when I start trying too hard and forcing balls instead of just relaxing and playing."

Undoubtedly, Nall's role with the team the past two years has something to do with his impatience.

Acquired in the fifth-round of the 2002 draft, Nall has been the Packers' No. 3 quarterback the past two seasons, never getting the opportunity to attempt a pass in a regular-season game.

He went overseas to NFL Europe prior to the 2003 season and led that league in touchdown passing. But in Green Bay, reps have been hard to come by.

During the season, only the top two quarterbacks generally get reps with the first-team, while Nall was most often relegated to scout quarterback duty.

From that standpoint, the annual post-draft mini-camp was a crucial time for Nall to make a positive impression, especially considering that Brett Favre took part only in individual drills this week.

"I've just got to battle through it," Nall said of his cold streak. "I'm sure everybody's been through it at one point in their career. You know, it's still early."

The Packers will hold their second mini-camp in just over a month from June 2-11.

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