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NFL Announces Junior Community Quarterback Grant Program

NFL Charities is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1973 by the member clubs of the National Football League to enable the teams to collectively support charitable and worthwhile causes on a national level.

This year, NFL Charities launches a new initiative, the NFL Junior Community Quarterback Grant Program. The program seeks to encourage leadership, innovation and commitment among young people to community improvement and charitable works. This program will recognize young people who create innovative public service programs to improve the communities in which they live. NFL Charities will award grants to the 501(c)3 organizations created or served by the winners.

Who is Eligible:

U.S. residents 25 years or younger. (Applicants must be 25 years or younger by December 31, 2002). Applicants must have founded/created a new community service program or project to respond to the needs of their community. The applicant must be responsible for the creation, organization, management and evaluation of the project. (Persons who volunteer or participate in projects organized or managed by other individuals or groups are not eligible for consideration).

Applications will only be considered from young people who have created new volunteerism or community response projects. Only youth-led or youth-created projects will be considered. The applicant must provide all pertinent program information, including demonstrating their role in the creation and execution of the project, by completing all sections of the NFL Charities application. Additionally, two narratives are required: one provided by the applicant and the other from one of his/her 501(c)3 partner organizations (*a "partner" organization may be a school, youth center, church, or other service agency that helps the applicant organize or is a beneficiary of his/her project).

Nomination Process:

The NFL Junior Community Quarterback Award is a national competition open to age-eligible residents of all 50 states. Applications will be available for distribution by NFL teams, United Way agencies, local government offices, national youth organizations and posted on appropriate web-sites. - Application Form (PDF)

Voting Process:

Applications will be reviewed by NFL Charities staff and voted on by a blue ribbon panel.

There will be four tiers of grants awarded annually:

Jr. Community Quarterback Award Gold Medal Winner: $25,000

Five Silver Medal Winners: $15,000

Five Bronze Medal Winners: $10,000

Ten Honorable Mentions: $5,000

The deadline for this award is November 1, 2002. Grant winners will be announced by January 31, 2003. All winners will be notified in writing. All completed applications must be postmarked no later than November 1, 2002 and mailed to:

Lina Lam

NFL Charities

280 Park Avenue, 17th Floor

New York, NY 10017

Thank you for the taking time to participate in the NFL Junior Community Quarterback Grant Program and helping us to recognize the vital contributions of today's youth in local communities nationwide!

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