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Off The Field: Cullen Jenkins

Learn a little more about defensive end Cullen Jenkins away from the football field in this week’s installment of Off The Field.


Favorite TV show...Family Guy

Favorite movies...Vampire in Brooklyn

Favorite music group/artist...Jay-Z

Hobbies...Fishing, vacationing with my family.

First car...A 1984 Grand Marquis when I was in high school.

First job...I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken when I was 16.

Favorite meal...Seafood, especially Chilean sea bass.

Favorite restaurant...Any good seafood one.

First thing you bought when you signed your first contract...I guess the first thing big I bought was a house back in Michigan.

Greatest influence on you growing up...My dad and my brother. My dad was a hard worker when I was growing up and he finished school when we were young. He was a single dad, and then he was a teacher and a coach too. With my brother, Kris, just watching him go through everything before I went through it.

Favorite athlete in another sport...Kobe Bryant

Funniest teammate...Ryan Pickett

Talent or skill that you have that people don't know about...Rollerblading

Favorite childhood sports memory...One year in Little League football, we went the whole season without anybody scoring on our defense.

Favorite NFL player as a kid...Barry Sanders

Favorite NFL team as a kid...San Francisco 49ers

What job you would have if you weren't playing in the NFL...I would have probably been a teacher. I'd have probably done middle or elementary school.

Favorite place to visit...Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

What position would you like to play other than the one you do...I'd be a kicker.

What you remember most about your first NFL game...It was Monday Night Football against my brother, Kris. (Packers at Carolina, Sept. 13, 2004).

Proudest achievement outside of football...My family, just watching my kids get older.

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