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Off The Field: Greg Jennings

Learn a little more about wide receiver Greg Jennings away from the football field in the first installment of Off The Field.


Favorite TV show…Martin

Favorite movies…Shooter, 300

Hobbies…Bowling, playing pool, spending time with my family.

First car…1992 Ford Bronco when I was in high school.

First job…This

Favorite meal…Steak and potatoes. Either my mom's or my wife's.

Favorite restaurant…Here in Green Bay, Chives. Worldwide, I would say Ruth's Chris.

First thing you bought when you signed your first contract…First thing I am not sure, but I know I bought a house here.

Greatest influence on you growing up…Both my parents, but my dad. Just the lifestyle he lives. He was a pastor, father of four kids. Just what he stands for and the relationship he has with all his siblings, my mom, and God.

Favorite athlete in another sport…Tiger Woods

Funniest teammate…James Jones

Talent or skill that you have that people don't know about…I'm a handyman. I do a ton of stuff around the house.

Favorite childhood sports memory…We went to the state championship game my senior year of high school. That was probably my fondest memory.

Favorite NFL player as a kid…Barry Sanders

Favorite NFL team as a kidIndianapolis Colts

What job you would have if you weren't playing in the NFL…If I wasn't playing football I would have gone to school for architectural engineering, so probably something along those lines.

Favorite web site…

Favorite place to visit…I don't go on a whole lot of vacations, but I would probably have to say St. Thomas.

What position would you like to play other than the one you do…Quarterback. They get away with everything. Nothing is ever their fault (laughing).

What you remember most about your first NFL game…We got zipped. It was horrible. I had one catch. We got beat 26-0 by the Bears.

Proudest achievement outside of football…My daughters. Being a good father to those two girls and being a caring husband to my wife. Those two girls, nothing can top that.

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