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Offensive player of the game? Jordy Nelson

I'd look for a new-age quarterback


Brian from Kingston, NY

Which offensive player do you expect to have a big game this week? I'm going with Cobb.

I'm going with Jordy Nelson. Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes is on the smallish side. I think Nelson's size advantage might be noticeable in this game.

Lasse from Svendborg, Denmark

Football is the ultimate team game, except for Pat McAfee. He kicked the ball, he made sure it traveled 10 yards, he jumped on the ball and he held on to it. That was awesome. Do you get excited about a play like that?

Excited? No, but McAfee is a player that has interested me, going all the way back to that fateful night at West Virginia, when he became one of the great goats in West Virginia football history. On what would become the worst night in Mountaineer football history, McAfee missed two short field goal attempts that cost West Virginia a berth in the national championship game; West Virginia has never won a national championship. I can't imagine the depth of his despair, yet, he picked himself up, moved on with his life and has been one of the best punters in the NFL for the past several years.

Tyler from Cedar Falls, IA

Vic, hypothetical for you. It is now two years until Rodgers is going to retire. What do you look for in a quarterback when you are drafting?

Assuming I can't find the next Aaron Rodgers – they're one in a million – I'd be looking for a new-age guy. I think that's where the game is going. The premier, drop back quarterback is becoming more difficult to find.

Scott from Krakow, Poland

I really like the intro to "Final Thoughts". I think whoever put it together should be proud. I laugh every time.

They're laughing in Krakow!

Greg from Toulouse, France

Have you seen a dominant defensive lineman like J.J. Watt in your career?


Terry from Manistee, MI

When a defensive player uses the phrase "play our keys," what does that mean?

In the old days it would mean that if the tight end blocks down, play run. Keys have become much more sophisticated.

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