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On a Pro Bowl for Mike Daniels: 'It'll come for him'

Comments from Packers' coordinators and defensive assistant coaches


GREEN BAY -- The Packers' coordinators and defensive assistant coaches met with the media on Wednesday. Here's a summary of their key comments.

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on the cold weather Sat. night)

"I don't worry about the conditions as much as the players we're playing against. The challenge is not the weather. The challenge is those guys."

(on Sherels for the Vikings)

"He's done it for a long time. I don't know how many he's taken back in his career for touchdowns. When the conditions are like they are, it's a little harder to place the ball, so we have to protect, and we have to get out and cover."

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on whether Hundley will play differently with less pressure)

"The goal is to win, so I think he'll play the same way. He's always going out there with the mindset of always winning, and doing whatever it takes to put us in position to win. He plays with that goal, that vision."

(on Minnesota's defense)

"They're in the top three in all categories. They're playing extremely well together. They're very disciplined. It all starts with those guys up front, and they have some special players at the linebacker position, and at safety with Harrison (Smith). We've got our work cut out for us, and we understand that."

(on blindside blocks)

"Guys have to understand, there's a better way of doing it. It's clearly a situation where it was unnecessary."

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on the idea of playing more young guys to get a look at them)

"That really hasn't entered any of the conversation. We've been playing a lot of young guys. You look at the last time we played these guys, we were down to one corner. I like the way those young guys fought, because they fought through some adversity and finished with three three-and-outs in the fourth quarter."

(on what has gone wrong)

"It can happen real quick in this league. One or two or three plays. At times we'll play well, and then one play will happen. We haven't been able to play as consistent as we'd like to play. There's a number of variables, a number of reasons. You'll be playing an efficient offense, and you can't have errors. You have to match their consistency. Early in the year, I saw us play to a very high standard, and we just haven't been as consistent as we need to be."

(on the red zone)

"To me, that was one of the biggest issues Sunday. We had three (bad) plays down there. They ended up beating us in some one-on-one situations. Down there, they've been efficient running the ball and throwing the ball. They got us throwing the ball."

Associate head coach/linebackers coach Winston Moss
(on the plan for pass rushers on Sat. night)

"Just the normal rotation. Whoever's available on Saturday night, we'll get a game plan for them. Nick is banged up, same thing with Clay, Brooks, all those guys have these tweaks this time of year. We'll stay on those trainers. Get 'em right, get 'em ready."

(on Biegel)

"I'm excited about Vince. Every single game, every single day, a little better, a little closer, stepping his game up. His pass rush showed up this past weekend. I can't say enough about his work ethic, the way he goes about his business. It's exciting for me as a coach to coach someone who puts in the time and work that he does. I'm confident he's a person who's going to (make it) pay off."

(on the defense as a whole)

"We've got to get them productive, we've got to get them on the same page, we've got to get this defense unified."

Defensive line coach Mike Trgovac
(on seeing more of Adams the last two games)

"If he's active, sure. He's really worked hard in practice, and I think he's got a bright future. He's got a lot to learn, but he's got some natural quickness and twitch to him. Obviously it's a great starting point for a young player. It's unfortunate he missed all that time early in there."

"At some point it'll hit him. It hits every defensive lineman differently. He's still a young player, and you don't want to give him too much right now. Getting play time will help him."

(on Clark's future)

"If he continues to do what he's doing and have the attitude that he has, he's got a very bright future. He comes in, every meeting he's very attentive. He wants to get better. In the offseason, he took care of business. With some first-round picks, that doesn't always happen. He came back in great shape, got lighter and stronger. I think he really wants to be good. I don't want to put undue expectations on him, but he's on the right path. He's really done a lot with his pass rush. He didn't do that much at UCLA."

(on Daniels making a Pro Bowl someday)

"Mike gets most of his recognition from the people he plays against, because when you play against him, you have to bring a full day's work, because he's going to give you a full day's work in there. It'll come for him."

Safeties coach Darren Perry
(on the Olsen TD vs. Jones)

"You want him to make that play, and it's a critical play in that situation. That's one of those growing pains you go through with young guys out there. He doesn't want to make those mistakes, but sometimes as rookies, you get off your technique. You really have to hone in when you're playing an experienced guy like that."

(on what the meetings are like)

"The guys, they own up to it, and we try to hold everybody accountable. It's frustrating. Nobody wants to make a mistake, but as a coach, you have to point out the mistakes, fix it, and move on. As a coaching staff, we have to look at things objectively. We all look at ourselves. All great competitors do that."

Cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt Jr.
(on dealing with all the injuries)

"The difficult part for the players, they want to play. There's nobody that's not trying to play. But when you have young players not able to practice, and practice the way you need them to … and then to develop the skill set they need to develop, that's the difficult part of it. But there are no excuses. We have to play winning football, and we haven't done that this year."

(on Randall)

"Damarious has played, especially the last three or four weeks, really good. We've matched him up the last three weeks, and he's given up four completions out of 11 targets. He's done what we've asked him to do, inside or outside."

(on House trying to come back and play)

"A lot of these guys, they do it because they're very prideful, and that's what House is. He doesn't want to let anybody in that locker room down. He's trying as hard as he can to come out and play this week. It's a medical decision, and if they allow him to play, I'm going to put him out there."

Assistant linebackers coach Scott McCurley
(on the next step for Martinez)

"Continuing growth as a leader on the unit. Taking control, being decisive with his calls and communication, keeping everybody on the same page, making sure we're all executing together. Run game, I think he's trusting what he sees there, pulling the trigger. Pass game, he needs to take it to the next level with his IQ, understanding the offense and how they're trying to attack."

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