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One win launched the Redskins

It can happen for the Packers


Monica from Lisbon, ME

Vic, you are quick to pick who you think will win when the Packers aren't involved. Are you afraid to pick against the Packers in your column?

I don't pick for or against the Packers on Why? Because it's I don't want an opponent using a game prediction as bulletin board material. The team media concept is still relatively new and requires time for adjusting to its intent. It's still perceived as the team talking. When that misconception goes away, team media will be completely free of its shackles.

Larry from Chippewa Falls, WI

Find coaches? No problem. You just go out back and shake the coaches tree.

There isn't a coach in the league or any of the coaches who've been fired this week that wouldn't win given the right personnel.

Gary from Davenport, IA

Vic, so three sportswriters didn't think Ken Griffey Jr. was worthy of the Hall of Fame at this time? What's your opinion on this?

The Baseball Writers of America do a sensational job of protecting the integrity of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I fear there are too many inductions to the Pro Football Hall of Fame every year. In my opinion, the job of the selection committee isn't to put people in, but to keep people out. The Hall of Fame must be reserved for the few, not the many.

Tyler from Greenfield, WI

Which fan base do you think suffered more late last season, the Packers or the Seahawks?

A yard away from the Super Bowl title? It's not even close.

Caleb from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, a lot can be said about their division, but Washington still got hot and earned their spot. What do you think got them over the hump and back in the playoffs?

It was the 24-point comeback against the Bucs at midseason. One win can do that. It can launch a team. It can happen to the Packers this weekend. Just win, baby.

Darren from Kingston, NY

Sybil may be tense, but Aaron Rodgers is upbeat, relaxed and confident. Watching his Wednesday locker room interview gave me chills. He is focused and in the zone. I am overflowing with excitement to watch our team play their hearts out this weekend. Can moments like that – displays of exemplary leadership – captured on tape potentially impact the players?

A team is what its quarterback is. The Packers will go as far as Aaron Rodgers can take them. Here we go!

Michael from Kettering, OH

Aaron Rodgers recently said in an interview he doesn't believe in momentum carrying into the next game. Do you agree?

I don't agree. I believe true momentum, as the Redskins acquired in their rally to beat the Bucs, can carry a team to new heights. Can that late-game flurry against the Vikings do it for the Packers? I don't know. It didn't happen following the Panthers and Lions games. Momentum is only lasting when it is the result of belief. I think it has to be achieved from having done something significant.

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