Packers 2003 Draft Notes


This marks the first time since 1984 the Packers did not take an offensive player in the first five rounds.

Take away the four non-tradeable compensatory picks and the Packers used just one of their seven picks entering the draft: first-rounder Nick Barnett.

Including the NFL's last in-draft trade, Mike Sherman orchestrated five trades involving 2003 picks. Only one other team executed more deals: The New England Patriots (six).

The Packers tapped the same school - Oregon State - for two of their top three choices. The last time that happened was 1979, when Green Bay drafted two of their top three from Maryland: RB Steve Atkins (second round) and DT Charles Johnson (third round).

Kenny Peterson is the 21st player drafted by the Packers from Ohio State. They've drafted more often from only six institutions: Minnesota (41), Wisconsin (36), Southern California (32), Notre Dame (27), Michigan (26), and Nebraska (22). They've also taken 21 players from Alabama.

The last 10 players selected by Green Bay from the Associated Press national champion:

Kenny Peterson, DT, Ohio State, 2003 draft

Najeh Davenport, FB, Miami (Fla.), 2002 draft

Torrance Marshall, LB, Oklahoma, 2001 draft

Tyrone Williams, CB, Nebraska, 1996 draft

George Teague, S, Alabama, 1993 draft

Joe Garten, C/G, Colorado, 1991 draft

Buddy Aydelette, T, Alabama, 1980 draft

Rich Wingo, LB, Alabama, 1979 draft

Keith Wortman, G, Nebraska, 1972 draft

Jerry Tagge, QB, Nebraska, 1972 draft

Brennan Curtin (6-foot-9) would be the tallest Packers player ever to enter a league game. Three 6-foot-8 players, DE/DT Ben Davidson (1961), OT Bill Hayhoe (1969-73) and DT Vernon Vanoy (1972) tie for the tallest to date.

Curtin would also become the 51st Notre Dame player, following Tony Fisher and Jerry Wisne in 2002, to play for the Packers. No other school has produced more Green Bay players.

Steve Josue is the first player drafted by Green Bay from Carson-Newman.

DeAndrew Rubin is the first player drafted by Green Bay from South Florida.

Barnett is the first linebacker drafted by Green Bay in the first round since Wayne Simmons (1993, Clemson).

Over the last 25 seasons...

Bennett could be the first rookie since 1978 to start the Packers' regular-season opener at middle linebacker (Mike Hunt).

Since '78, seven rookie linebackers have started the Packers' regular-season opener (SLB Na'il Diggs 2000, ILB Mark D'Onfrio 1992, ILB Johnny Holland 1987, ILB Burnell Dent 1986, OLB John Anderson 1978, and MLB Mike Hunt 1978).

Also since 1978, 15 rookie linebackers have started at least one Packers game. Of those 15, eight have served as primary starters: Diggs (2000), Simmons (1993), Holland (1987), Tim Harris (1986), Brian Noble (1985), Rich Wingo (1979), Hunt (1978) and Anderson (1978).

Green Bay has now drafted nine players from Oregon State, including Barnett and James Lee in 2003. However, only three from the school have played in a Packers league game (Joe Francis, B, 1958-59; Ade Schwammel, T, 1934-36, 1943-44; and Esera Tuaolo, NT/DE, 1991-92).

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