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Packers announce heat safety plan for 1k, 5k events

Extra measures being taken to ensure participants are safe from heat


With the forecast over the next few days calling for temperatures reaching into the 90s, the Packers and Bellin Health are taking extra measures to ensure that participants in the 1K Kids Run, presented by Humana, and Packers 5K, presented by Bellin Health, are safe from the heat.

Misting fans will be added at the start and finish of the 1K Kids Run, and additional ice and water will be available for all participants at each race. Medical professionals and staff will be stationed at the medical tent and will be available to assist.

Race officials are encouraging participants to be aware of the color-coded Emergency Alert System, which will keep them informed of course conditions on race day. Signs with the current course conditions will be posted at the start line and at each water station along the course. The system indicates conditions as follows:

  • Green is a low-level alert meaning conditions are good, but participants should stay alert for changes.
  • Yellowis a moderate alert level indicating less than ideal, but not dangerous, conditions. Runners/walkers should dress appropriately, adjust their pace and be prepared for changing conditions.
  • Red is high alert, meaning potentially dangerous conditions exist.  Participants are asked to adjust their pace, observe any course changes and proceed with caution or consider stopping.
  • Black is an extreme alert that will only be issued if conditions are dangerous and the event is canceled. If that happens, the timing mats will be turned off and no results will be reported after that point. Everyone will be asked to stop running and then walk to the nearest aid station.

Along with additional course preparations for the heat, the race organizers are reminding participants, including parents, families and children, to take an active role in their race day safety.

Attendees should remain diligent and smart about other event preparation and should:

  • Arrive hydrated and consume plenty of fluids during the race. Water and Gatorade will be available at the start line of each race, at each mile along the 5K route and at the finish line of each race.
  • Wear light colored, loose-fitting clothing, preferably something that wicks moisture.
  • Participants should pay attention to how they feel. If anyone feels lightheaded, can't catch their breath or if something else doesn't feel right, should stop or slow down and seek help from any volunteer, medical personnel, or the police.
  • Turn down personal listening devices to increase awareness of breathing and instructions from public safety officers and course officials.
  • Have realistic expectations. Those who have not trained in high temperatures and are not highly conditioned should not try to set a personal best record.
  • Those with underlying health conditions that may be impacted by the heat should consider not participating this year.

Neighbors along the 5K route are also asked to do their part to help participants handle the heat and stay safe by putting out a garden hose or sprinkler for participants to run or walk through. If any neighbor along the route or spectators see a person fall or in distress, notify the nearest volunteer or call 911.

1K Kids Run, presented by Humana, invites kids 10 years old and younger to run a Lambeau Lap on Friday, July 22, at 6 p.m. Registration for the Kids Run is $10 and all participants will receive a Packers 1K Run t-shirt, a logoed bag and a participant medal.

The seventh annual '5K Run/Walk at Lambeau Field,' is set for Saturday, July 23, at 8 a.m. The computer-timed run is highlighted by a neighborhood route that ultimately takes participants into Lambeau Field and around the famed gridiron. The event has a special finish line – the Packers' 'G' painted on turf located in the parking lot.

Further details on the run and registration information are available online at

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