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Packers announce roster moves


The Green Bay Packers have released the following players:

  • TE Austin Allen
  • CB Corey Ballentine (BAL-en-tine)
  • LB Keshawn Banks (KEY-shawn)
  • WR Jadakis Bonds (JAY-duh-kiss)
  • WR Cody Chrest
  • T Jean Delance (JEEN duh-LANTS)
  • WR Grant DuBose
  • C James Empey (emp-ee)
  • CB Tyrell Ford (ty-RELL)
  • S Innis Gaines (IN-iss)
  • CB Elijah Hamilton
  • CB William Hooper
  • CB Shemar Jean-Charles (john charles)
  • DL Jason Lewan (luh-WAHN)
  • RB Nate McCrary
  • QB Alex McGough (ma-goo)
  • WR Bo Melton
  • WR Dre Miller
  • LB Arron Mosby
  • DL Antonio Moultrie
  • LB Kenneth Odumegwu (oh-doo-MAY-goo)
  • LS Matt Orzech (OR-zick)
  • FB Henry Pearson
  • LB Jimmy Phillips Jr.
  • LB Marvin Pierre
  • S Benny Sapp III
  • C Cole Schneider
  • DL Chris Slayton
  • RB Patrick Taylor
  • T Kadeem Telfort
  • CB Kiondre Thomas (kee-ON-dray)
  • WR Duece Watts

The team has placed CB Eric Stokes on reserve/physically unable to perform, S Tarvarius Moore (tuh-VAIR-ee-us) on injured reserve and waived/injured RB Tyler Goodson, LS Broughton Hatcher (BRAW-ton) and RB Lew Nichols. The transactions were announced Tuesday by General Manager Brian Gutekunst.­­­