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Packers at 49ers Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-49ers game. See his take on the first half.

Hey everybody. Let's go.

Comment From JD 

Happy with the starters tonight?

First offensive series was disjointed with the penalties, but Rodgers found a rhythm on that second drive and it looked good. Defense I thought played pretty well, too, after that early TD.

Comment From Guest 

Hey Mike, what a great showing from Cook. Do you think R. Rodgers will see less snaps/action?

It sure looks like Cook will be the top option at TE. I don't think that's a big surprise.

Comment From Guest

How bad is Ripkowski's knee. Hadn't heard about it until tonight.

Neither had I. Don't know the severity.

Comment From Guest

Is Clay injured? He came off the field quick.

Nothing was reported in the press box.

Comment From Dave 

Does an injury end it for Banjo?

End it? I wouldn't think so, unless it's a really, really bad hamstring problem.

Comment From Guest 

Any word on why Montgomery isn't playing tonight?

He was playing early. Got the offensive pass interference call that was mistakenly announced on Cobb by the ref.

Comment From Caleb 

Hey Mike, I tuned in a bit late, Matthews didn't play tonight? Healthy scratch i hope...

No, he played. Just a handful of snaps. Knifed in there to get the tackle on the first running play of the night. Typical Clay.

Comment From Chris 

who wins the punting job?

I still don't know. That first punt didn't help Mortell any. Low wobbler, 17-yard return for a 25-yard net, and the Niners then drove for a TD with the good field position.

Comment From Guest 

Martinez looked good spying the quarterback. What do you think?

Seems like he's all over the place to me. Love his pursuit.

Comment From ron 

Time of possession is out of this world a 12 minute difference. Do you think the Pack can sustain that type of ball control heading into the season with what you've seen so far?

That's not realistic, but the defense wasn't allowing Kaepernick to get anything going, and then Callahan finally put a drive together.

Comment From Matt 

I like the repeated attempts to go for it on 4th down.

It puts a young QB in a tough spot, and McCarthy loves to do that. You're not accomplishing much by having Crosby kick FGs when he's clearly ready for the season.

Comment From Ken 

Packers running game doesn't look right without a fullback (especially a good blocker like Ripkowski).

I thought they had some nice runs in there. Rodgers was doing a good job changing things at the line to find the seam in the defense for a few of those.

Comment From Brett in MS 


Banjo and Elliott, both hamstrings.

Comment From Guest 

Do you think Trevor Davis can fill a role on special teams?

Yeah. The Packers have plenty of options in the return game. That's not a bad thing.

Comment From BrettGB 

Doesn't Callahan remind you of Favre?

Hold on, now.

Comment From Mike 

What do you think about Adams performance tonight?

I thought he should have caught the long TD. That was a HECK of a throw by Callahan, rolling left and off the wrong foot. He has to make that catch. The grab on fourth down to move the chains was a tougher catch.

Comment From Jen 

What can we expect to see in the 2nd half?

A lot of young guys flying around trying to make an impression.

Comment From Caleb

How is the weather tonight in the Bay? does Levi Stadium have open or closed booths for the reporters?

Closed press box, way up high. Beautiful night out here, though.

Comment From Ken 

Nice catch on that punt return by Davis even when he had the blocker knocked into him.

Yeah, that was not easy. Showed good poise and concentration.

Comment From Kevin 

I wasn't able to watch any of the games this pre-season. I thought the offensive line had a lot of potential coming in, how do they look?

I like what they're doing in the running game. I thought Rodgers was running around a bit too much, but nothing to be alarmed about.

Comment From Guest 

Callahan seems to be moving the ball well. Do you see us keeping 3 after the final roster cut?

It all depends on Hundley's ankle, I think. I'm still saying no to the 3 QBs at this point.

All right, here comes the kickoff. Thanks everybody. Later, Mike

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