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Packers at Bears Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Bears game. See his take on the first half.

Alright, we're all tied up in Chicago. Here we go.

Comment From Guest 

Weather stats, please. No TV for me.

Kickoff temp of 11, wind chill minus 4, not as bad as predicted.

Comment From Wes 

A few drops by Nelson and Adams are the difference right now...

No question. The plays have been there.

Comment From Dave, UK

Well, the other results are currently going our way!

Yes, but winning this one is most important.

Comment From Jerrt 

Do you think Aaron will be able to finish the game?


Comment From Andrew 

Why not take the points when you're at the Chicago 20?

I wondered the same thing, but Crosby's kick late in the half was not pretty, so maybe it's not his day.

Comment From Robert Schuknecht 

Looking at time of possession and total yards this game should not be tied.

No, Packers are losing field position battle badly. Lots of yards but not converting into enough points.

Comment From Tony C 

I'm in the NY market keeping tabs on NYG v. DET. Describe the scene a Soldier Field please. What does GB game come down to ?? Feels like last possession wins it ...

Could be. Packers had a chance to get up a couple scores early and maybe break the Bears' spirit. They didn't do that. Now they're going to get everything the Bears have in this second half.

Comment From Guest 

Chicago receives the kickoff. What are the keys to the second half besides a quick three and out for the bears?

Pass coverage and pass rush both need to improve. Packers are not getting Barkley uncomfortable, and the receivers are getting way too much room to run.

Comment From Tom 

How about Montgomery? We all liked him, but I don't think anyone expected this

He's playing great, though he missed one blitz pickup that Rodgers wasn't happy about.

Comment From Paul 

Are the sacks because of Aaron's lack of mobility or are Bears winning one on one's

Aaron can't get away like he usually does. That's obvious. He's moving around but he's not able to just take off and run, and the Bears know it.

Comment From Sean-Luc 

Why all the zone coverage? Bears seem to be passing with ease after a Seahawks game where the Packers locked down their offense by playing mainly man coverage. Why the change up this week?

I can't speak to the game plan. It hasn't been all zone coverage. We'll see if any changes are made in the second half.

Comment From Agus 

Great fast start, but then, all started to fade.....what the packers need to do to come back?

Just make the plays that are there. Packers haven't had trouble catching passes in the cold, until today.

Comment From Guest 

Aaron was running a bit slowly, is he still impaired?


Comment From Dale 

How many are calling for MMs hide for going for it on 4th?

Folks are upset. I thought he'd kick the FG too, especially after the third down run lost 2 yards, but I wonder about Crosby's pre-game work going in that direction based on his last kick there.

Comment From Mike

I expected to see more quick fires and a heavy run offense. With Montgomery's 120, I'd think it was run heavy, but then that's on 9 attempts. Why not stick with the run and help an ailing Rodgers out, especially with Montgomery's effectiveness?

I expect the Bears to adjust to Montgomery. Rodgers will have to find his rhythm with the quick passes.

Comment From Jerry

How's the Daniels / Sitton maych-up going?

Couldn't tell you from my press box view. Will have to look at it later.

Comment From Ray N 

Is it possible #12 is play acting a touch, setting up the Bears D for a clown punch in the second half ???

Nice theory, but I don't think so.

Comment From Jim 

Press box warm?

Warm enough.

Comment From Ewok

Who's been the difference maker on defense so far this game? And who needs to step up big in the second half?

Everyone on defense needs to step up. Barkley needs to feel some heat, and the coverage needs to tighten up.

Comment From Augusto

Is Clay Matthews playing?

Here and there, only as an outside rusher and mainly on third downs.

Comment From Doug 

No TV here either. Cook seems to be having a good day.Is the coverage on our wide outs that's opening the middle?

Rodgers is definitely looking to Cook. It's too bad he had that false start after the long Monty run. Packers gained 14 yards on the next series but it wasn't enough to move the chains.

Comment From Nate D

Is our line being beat as bad as it looks on TV? Aaron is under pressure it seems on most plays

The Bears are sending extra rushers often and the Packers haven't always picked them up. Fangio knows Rodgers can't get away, so the blitz isn't as risky.

Comment From Guest 

You mean Monty haad another long run, but called back?

No, I"m saying right after the first long run, the false start made it first and 15.

Comment From Tom 

Has Cobb even touched the ball?

Surprisingly, no, but Adams hadn't had one thrown his way either until the end zone one there. It's been Nelson, Cook and Monty.

OK, kickoff coming. Gotta go.

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