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Packers at best when they mix run and pass

"Ask Vic Day" enduring memory from 2014


Thomas from Hoboken, NJ

Good news for UW. Bad news for Pitt. Who's up next as head coach at the school down the road from where you grew up?

Paul Chryst is a much better fit for Wisconsin. I never thought he was a good fit for Pitt. Chryst is an outstanding coach, but his personality was far too dry for a program that was flagging and needed someone who could create a buzz. He struggled in recruiting, and Pitt can't win without getting the best local kids. Wisconsin is a bigger program. It has more sustainability. It doesn't need a coach who's one part salesman. It just needs a guy that can coach. Chryst can coach. Pitt has a new chancellor. He fired the AD and the word is Pitt wants to get back into the football business. Some big names are being floated. It's a sad thing for a program that's won nine national championships and has produced eight NFL Hall of Famers to have fallen as far as it has.

Sandy from Dothan, AL

Vic, last year a 10-6 team missed the playoffs; this year it looks as if an 11-5 team will miss the playoffs. This will gain a lot of discussion. What do you think the league's reaction is going to be?

There won't be any reaction. The league loves the controversy.

Neal from Kansas City, MO

Vic, in the 10 things to beat the Bucs, you posted play to your identity, or better yet, the Packers need to play to what they believe their postseason identity needs to be. How would you view their postseason identity to look like?

I believe this team plays its best football when it mixes run and pass.

Richard from Santa Fe, NM

Vic, great to have you here at Packerland. I grew up in Natrona and Brackenridge, PA.

Ten to eight, eight, 10 to four, four, 10 to midnight, midnight. You know what that means, don't you?

Packers fans attended Ask Vic Day on Wednesday, July 23, at Lambeau Field. Participants enjoyed dinner, a live Ask Vic session and movies on the Lambeau Field screen. Photos by Paige Curtis and Tyler Gajewski,

Richard from Yankton, SD

You get to take a coffee out to the seating area and relax on any given day. I hate you, Vic.

One of my strongest memories of 2014 will be of the "Ask Vic Day" in July. The attendees viewed the Lombardi movie on the south end zone Jumbotron as they sat on the north balcony. It was a beautiful night for it; under the stars, sitting atop Lambeau Field. Only two people left early; they had a long drive home and apologized for leaving. Everybody else sat until the Jumbotron went dim. Some continued to sit and stare. You don't forget that kind of thing.

Nick from Ottawa, Ontario

Vic, I'm looking forward to watching the matchup between the Packers secondary and Mike Evans.

Evans is the real deal. He is big and strong and tough. He plays with a very competitive mean streak. A lot of draftniks liked him better than Sammy Watkins.

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