Packers at Cowboys Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Cowboys NFC Divisional game. See his take on the first half

Well, back-and-forth first half like we figured. Let's get to it.

Comment From KD

Well the momentum has certainly changed

Yes, but Packers can take it right back on opening drive of 3rd quarter.

Comment From Matt

Rough day for the zebras

They're letting a lot of stuff go. Players will have to adjust.

Comment From Wyatt

The biggest difference between these two teams? Health

Cowboys certainly have the edge there, but it was good to see Bakhtiari get back into the game.

Comment From Jeanne

What is Morgan Burnett's status?

Quad injury. Brice has been in there. Don't know if we're going to see Burnett again. Assuming it happened on collision early with Gunter.

Comment From Gerald

This will come down to the wire.

Certainly feels that way.

Comment From Daniel

I can't believe the Cowboys didn't even try the fair-catch kick at the end of the half! Why not at least give it a try?

Maybe because the other team can return it if it stays in the field of play. I don't know the exact rule, though.

Comment From Jake

What's a guy gotta do to get a defensive holding call?

Forget about the refs and play. Can't let it distract you, no matter how frustrating.

Comment From Chris

We need to run the ball more... don't you agree Mike?

The run has worked enough to keep Dallas honest. I think MM has called a great game so far. Rodgers was in rhythm and hopefully gets right back in it to start second half.

Comment From Spencer

Nice catch on the penalty yardage early by McCarthy!

I've never heard that unsportsmanlike/substitution penalty called before, I don't think.

Comment From Guest

That was a costly mistake by Michaels. Why didn't he take a knee?

I think he was going to but he bobbed the ball and had to come out after that.

Comment From Blake

We need Hyde blitzing more. But can we afford to do that in a depleted secondary?

Capers has called the blitzes judiciously. The Hyde one early worked, the others have not worked. This O-line is a tough bunch.

Comment From Sivas

Rodgers missed a few long throws to Cook and Adams.

A couple of those were just off.

Comment From Matt

Cowboys showed their hand a little early with those end of half blitzes. Now we have halftime to adjust.

End of half possessions like that aren't necessarily indicators of anything.

Comment From Jadin Hawkins

It feels like this is going to be a close game.

No doubt. Lotta football left.

Comment From Guest

Bust out the 33 jerseys. Hyde is having a terrific game!

That pass breakup over the middle on Butler was a really nice play.

Comment From Matt

I see too many long pass plays with Randall chasing the guy who caught it. How injured is he?

I don't know, but you wonder if whatever happened to his foot/toe on Saturday is a factor. He hasn't looked sharp.

Comment From Randy

We get the ball to start the first half. Need a strong drive to swing the momentum.

Definitely. That would go a long way.

Comment From Nancy

Trying to be positive - we are up on the "#1 team in the NFC" - let's keep it going!!

A few mistakes you'd rather not see, but up 8 and getting the ball coming out, you take that. Rodgers can win the game if he keeps them in the lead.

Comment From Brandon

I hope Morgan Burnett can come back, but how about Brice. That huge hit on Beasley was a tone setter, but the shoestring tackle on Elliot was equally impressive.

Brice is looking tough, for sure. He's really into it out there.

Comment From Guest

First one to 38 wins

Probably a good call there.

Comment From Blake

The double fake reverse worked well. MM needs a little more of those calls, eh? Cobb pass?

You don't want to get too tricky, but it was good to keep them on their heels early there.

Comment From Damien

Gunter needs help right?

You need the guys in the box to help against the run. It was a good move by Prescott to go right back to Bryant v. Gunter after the back-shoulder throw got them across midfield.

Comment From Laura

Seems like Peppers and Matthews are playing well, but I would like to see them reach the QB and put him on his back. I miss defense big plays.

The defense is going to need one or two in the second half here. I thought Thomas might have had a chance to pick off that pass to Witten before halftime in the end zone.

Comment From Brian

What adjustments can we expect by pack defense inH2?

It all depends on keeping Elliott in check. Do that, and Capers can come after Prescott more perhaps.

Comment From Larry

Peppers and Matthews are non-existent!!

There's another half to go. Matthews was clearly held on that one loop-around rush, but they didn't call that either.

Comment From Andy

Mike, are you confident on this one tonight?

Packers can do this. All right, here comes kickoff. Gotta go.

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