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Packers at Falcons Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Falcons game. See his take on the first half.

Anybody bored? Wow. OK, here we go.

Comment From Guest 

What a great game!

I didn't think the Packers would want to get into a track meet, but so far, so good.

Comment From Guest 

which defense is better equipped to adjust ?

The Falcons are healthier, but that's about all they've got going for them as far as an edge.

Comment From Declan 

Exciting game so far, glad to see we went aggressive there before the end of the half - looks like every single point going to be needed for this one!

I told Wes next to me in the press box to take a knee with getting the ball to start the third quarter. Shows what I know.

Comment From Guest 

sounds like there are a lot of packer fans out there!

Yes, there are a ton here. More than I can remember in previous visits.

Comment From Theo 

I like these new receivers, they know how to get open! What's different this game with our receiving corps?

To me, the Falcons didn't look prepared for all the spread 'em out, shotgun stuff. They didn't know Cobb and Montgomery would both be out, just like we didn't.

Comment From Dave C. 

Davis came out storming

Great to see the rookie getting things done. That was a tremendous punt return. He's playing with confidence, no doubt.

Comment From Justin


Must be cool to have your first NFL catch go for a TD. Hopefully more to come for him. Packers need everybody today.

Comment From Dale

I know this isn't a players issue because its been this way for years but why can't we stop anything over the middle in the seams?

Packers are really shorthanded on defense and this is a tough scheme to defend. The Falcons lead the league in yards and points for a reason. Only one really big play allowed so far, on the long TD. Have to keep that up and make them move in small pieces.

Comment From Balaji 

Wow. I didn't expect Packers offense is this explosive with out Cobb / Ty. Did you see this coming?

No, MM has basically said forget the running game today. A couple of draw plays, but that's been it. Put the ball in 12's hands and go for it.

Comment From Declan

Great concentration by Jordy there, especially given that he was flying through the middle of the field!

Not an easy catch for sure. You're glad not only that he can catch it, but that he doesn't get blasted with a big hit while juggling it.

Comment From Guest

So much for Aaron being washed up !

Uh, yeah.

Comment From Taylor 

How do you think our secondary is doing so far?

They allowed the one big play, otherwise they're hanging in there. The defense needs to tackle better as a whole, though.

Comment From Ziggy 

one turnover could decide this game. i am smellin a packers INT.

That would be nice.

Comment From Allen

Ticky-tack roughing the passer penalty.

If Datone doesn't lower his head and go at him with the crown of the helmet, he probably doesn't get a flag. You can't just lower your head going straight into the QB. It's going to get flagged every time. It was so obvious.

Comment From Jake

What adjustments can we make to get some defensive stops?

Pressure on Ryan is the best way, but blitzing leaves the DBs vulnerable. The front four has to start getting home.

Comment From Ziggy

We win if... D gets an iNT?

Works for me.

Comment From Matt

Biggest moment of the game: when the defense responded to a Falcon's stop by getting a stop of their own. I was able to breathe easier after that

Yeah, but then the heart just gets racing again, doesn't it?

Comment From Guest 

The two catches by Trevor Davis have been a thing a beauty. I'm glad to see someone step up in the wake of Cobb and Montgomery.

Packers have no choice but to get the young guys going. So far, they're responded.

Comment From Guest

First one to 40 ... MIGHT win!


Comment From Jake 

I think you were right about this rivalry, Mike. Whatever else happens, it doesn't look like there's going to be any love lost between these teams.

The drama has been there between these two teams for a lot of years now.

Comment From Chris 

how big was the field goal given we have the ball at the start of third .. could that be a decisive moment

Chance to go up 12 with a TD drive to start third quarter. Would be nice, eh?

Comment From punt the ball

eight weeks of sending you a question and still you won't answer them.

Sorry, if you knew how many questions were coming in, you'd understand. It's nothing personal. I've only got 12 minutes at halftime here.

Comment From Guest 

The PI call on Gunter was BS. If anything the call should have gone against Julio Jones

I didn't like that call either. I don't know how he could have caught that pass. It was low and outside.

Comment From Justin 

Troy disagrees with the roughing the passer penalty but he played in a different NFL. He expected hits like that every game.

And he got plenty of concussions as a result. Aikman was a real warrior, even though I know Packers fans got tired of him beating Green Bay.

OK, here comes kickoff. Gotta go.

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