Packers at Jaguars Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Jaguars game. See his take on the first half.

Wow, wild finish to the first half there. Let's get going.

Comment From John

Did Vic text you?

Nope. I was bummed.

Comment From Guest


Packers offense looked dormant for 3 straight drives, then it comes to life. Crazy game already in Week 1.

Comment From Chris

Mike. I gotta say it. That catch was unbelievable. The throw was even more unbelievable.

Couldn't agree more. I don't know how he gets that throw off with enough juice on it.

Comment From Ian

So, does the press box have air conditioning?

Yes, thank goodness.

Comment From Guest 

run defense looks pretty good so far. Pass defense needs to improve

Bad series by Rollins. Otherwise, not a ton of glaring errors. That was a really gutsy call by the Jags to go for it on fourth-and-5 at midfield. Didn't expect that.

Comment From Jonas

Hi Mike, How has Lane held up?

Fine as far as I can tell from here. He made a good block on the early fourth-and-1 conversion by Lacy.

Comment From Christian

Defense seems to be struggling. Am I overreacting or does it seem like there's a lot of work to be done

Jags have a good offense. There's no lack of skill.

Comment From Ashley

How is Martinez handling the communications headset?

Nothing that looked like a communication error popped up so far.

Comment From JD

What's your take on the defensive line so far? Peppers a little invisible?

He wasn't playing much early. They need him to have an impact in the second half, and should be fresher than some guys.

Comment From Guest

Is four points enough at half with the grueling fourth quarter to come?

No. you're not winning this game with 21 points.

Comment From Guest

Looks like they're really picking on Rollins

Somebody is going to get picked on. That's how this league is.

Comment From Margo 

Do you think we will come out swinging for the second half or establish the run game?

Have to keep running the ball. The run game is what finally got them going after the three 3-and-outs.

Comment From Guest

It's good to see Matthews back on the outside. He is dominant

Special player, wherever you put him.

Comment From Paul 

Will the D-Line hold up the 2nd half with the high temp.

It's not going to be easy. A couple of clock-eating drives by the offense sure would help.

Comment From Madan

How does Lacy look this year compared to last year?

It's been hit or miss. His run on the screen pass was huge. Looked like he was going down behind the line. He shook it and took off. Hadn't seen that kind of burst in a while.

Comment From Rick 

I bet that TD catch by Adams is going to propel him in the second half.

Good to see him get a confidence boost.

Comment From Sean-Luc

The middle of the field Packers defense looks bad. What seems to be the underlying issue?

Jaguars are a tough matchup. Thomas at TE is really good. Yeldon is pretty fast in the open field. You just have to keep plugging away and count on the pass rush to hurry Bortles at some point.

Comment From Waupaca John

Adams, what an enigma.

You said it.

Comment From Guest 

Good catch at the end the half but Adams should have caught the earlier pases

I thought Amukamara got a hand in there on the other long one. Hard to tell for sure.

Comment From Ashley

A Texas Packers fan here, can't watch the game. What did you see on the Thomas interception? Just a good read?

Good play by Rollins to get the deflection. Good hands by Thomas to snag it.

Comment From Mark

Packers deferring at the coin toss now can pay big dividends due to that final drive of first half. Will they be just as bold?

This is what MM loves to do, score end of half and take second half kickoff and go again. But I don't go hurry-up. Put together a drive with some runs and keep the D resting.

Comment From Schmiddy

What have you learned about this year's Packers after just one half of football?

Nothing's going to be easy, but I never assume it is.

Comment From Justin

Has Kenny Clark played at all?

A few snaps, but I haven't seen him much.

Comment From Guest

It looks like the refs are letting the players play.

I agree. Packers have caught a few breaks, maybe.

Comment From JD

Any comment on Schum? Couldn't tell how hang time was and gunners looked a little ineffective.

Schum has punted well. High hangers with good distance. The first one was returned 14 yards because of the coverage, not the punt.

Comment From Guest

now the offense needs to go down and score coming out of the half

That would be the plan, yes.

Comment From Guest

Surprised the TE's have been held without a catch

Me, too, though Cook got the PI call there on that last drive.

Comment From Wes

Does your day change any being the Senior Editor?

Ha ha. Funny one. OK, they're about to kick off. Thanks everybody. Enjoy the rest of the game.

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