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Packers at Redskins Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Redskins game. See his take on the first half.

OK folks, let's go. Got a ballgame going here tonight.

Comment From Matt 

This defense is painful to watch right now.

The last 2 minutes of the first half has been a disaster for the Packers defense most of the season. A big letdown there again after the offense took the lead.

Comment From James 

Mike, what is your assessment of the first half? Are Packers playing good or bad?

Up and down. Slow start on offense, too slow, but then they got going. Settling for FG after second-and-3 on the 6 was a big disappointment, though. Defense can't give up a TD right after that. Bad finish to the half.

Comment From Alex 

Well once again we use dumb timeouts and allow a team to score right before halftime. Momentum = all Washington. This baby is over. You should call it a night, Mike. You deserve better.

Appreciate the sentiment, but this is a pretty entertaining game, actually.

Comment From Marty 

How much of a factor is the wind

Can't tell in the press box, but folks I've talked to who were down on the field pregame said it's pretty significant. It's not warm out there, and it's uncomfortable.

Comment From joe 

What do you like from what you've seen so far from the Packers' offense?

Rodgers is using all the weapons. Spreading the ball around to everybody. I'd like to see Starks find a groove running the ball, but that run by the goal line was poor.

Comment From PT 

How many end of half touchdowns has this defense given up?

Too many. I'm thinking Jacksonville, Dallas, Indy, Tennessee and now Washington, at least.

Comment From Marin 

Mike, what happened to Dmitri Goodson?

Looked like a nasty knee injury.

Comment From Dylan 

First turnover determines the winner. How right or wrong is that statement

Could be, especially if it happens in the fourth quarter.

Comment From joe 

What do you make of Cobb returning punts?

I think that's going with a veteran, sure-handed guy in these conditions. It can't be easy to catch those tonight.

Comment From Picard 

Was that a non catch catch for a TD by Nelson?

I have no idea. I literally just sat here waiting to see what they'd say. If it had been ruled incomplete on the field, that probably would have stood, too.

Comment From Monthy 

Another TE owning the zone defense. Will it ever change?

It's not zone all the time against Reed, but he sure made some plays on that last drive.

Comment From Pete 

Is Rodgers missing a lot of open receivers? Collinsworth mentioned that he keeps missing Jordy.

He missed Cook wide open down the seam on the first play of the game. Other than that, I can't say I've seen him missing open guys, but this press box view isn't that great.

Comment From Marin 

Mike, this looks like it might be a tough game for Don Barclay. Is there any chance MM might have to put someone in the backfield to keep AR from getting clobbered?

That's an adjustment they have to think about, for sure.

Comment From Connor 

The Packers need Starks to have more rushing yards than Rodgers to win right?

I would think so, but if Rodgers is going to see open lanes like he has, he has to keep running it.

Comment From bob 

this game will be the last competitive game of the season , no chance for playoffs after this loss

Mathematically, no, but I get where you're coming from. Either Minnesota or Detroit will be 7-4 after Thursday.

Comment From Dale 

Time out was used to save time in anticiaption of the stop on 3rd down.

I get that, but why with 3:29 on the clock? That seemed early to be doing that.

Comment From Scott 

Another stupid call by McCarthy down by the goal line.....running Starks was a wasted down. When will he learn?

I didn't mind that call on second-and-3, but losing 2 yards was on Starks. He has to stick it up in there and at least get something to make it third-and-short and give the offense options on third down.

Comment From Jason 

I won't give up with a whole half to play, with the Packers only down three.

No way, a lot of game left here.

Comment From Aaron Rodgers 

Yes, but the call was a stretch to the weak side. Very predictable, easy to defend call.

I hear you, but the RB can't bounce it outside on the short side, either.

Comment From Jrod 

Will the wind be at our back in the fourth? Game could come down to that

Redskins get choice coming out of half, so if they take the ball, I would assume MM would take the wind in the fourth.

Comment From Jason 

One thing that needs to change is the pass rush needs to improve. It's been weak.

Yeah, not much after that early sack by Perry. Redskins had only given up 12 sacks in first nine games this year. But Cousins doesn't scramble much. Have to get to him.

OK, there's the kickoff. Gotta go.

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