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Packers at Vikings Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Vikings game. See his take on the first half.

All right gang, 10-7 at the half. Fire away.

Comment From Wade 

The offense isn't clicking, hasn't found a rhythm. what are you noticing?

Rodgers isn't sharp. On one third down, he had Davis open streaking shallow across the middle and never saw him. Cobb was open on the next third down and the throw was high with the pressure in Aaron's face.

Comment From Tom 

Jacob Schumm isn't looking like a sound choice anymore..

Hasn't had the best night. His last punt was OK.

Comment From Dan P 

Do you see similar woes in the packers offense so far this season?

Some plays are there. Rodgers will start finding them. I know it's easy to think same old offense, but it doesn't look like that from here.

Comment From Leslie

What's up with our secondary giving up so many pass yards?

Some of Bradford's throws have been pinpoint. He's really been accurate on some plays the Packers have had good coverage. On the deep ball at the end of the half, I thought 21 didn't give 23 the help he needed over the top.

Comment From Frederick 

What's the verdict on noise in the pressbox?

Place doesn't feel as loud as the Dome.

Comment From Reilly 

Why does it look like the packers are letting the vikings beat them? They aren't covering, and the offense is still not the Green Bay Packers. When or will this change?

Two quarters to go. Lotta football left.

Comment From Marco R.

What do they have to eat in the new press box spoffy?

Wes is trying to get me some ice cream right now.

Comment From Beach Bum

When are journalists going to take Rodgers to task for his horrible play? Rodgers best plays over the last year have come on hard calls, hail mary's and 12 men on the field penalties.

I think I already said he hasn't been sharp tonight. But he's got 2 quarters left.

Comment From PB 

I don't understand getting away from Lacy. Do you?

The Vikings defense is pretty fast. The holes are closing quickly. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Starks actually.

Comment From Vincent 

Why are we not targeting Jared Cook?

I don't know. I thought he'd be more involved tonight. The one time Rodgers threw his way, it was behind him and almost picked.

Comment From Guest 

What happend to green bay having great d-backs?

The best one is not playing tonight. That doesn't help. Some of those throws have been in tight windows. Other times, looks like the Packers are respecting Bradford's deep arm.

Comment From Guest 

Cobb lining up in backfield, good idea?

They're trying to see how the Vikings react to that. This defense isn't fooled easily, though. They're legit.

Comment From JayGB 

Seems like both our lines are doing good work. Win on the lines win the game?

Yes. The Packers D line has won the battle so far. The O-line has started to give up some pressure, but they're not getting overwhelmed. Settle down and start moving the chains this first drive.

Comment From Brandon 

Martinez has looked great. So has Ryan, and wow about Mike Daniels

The Packers are doing what they have to against Peterson. The secondary has not held up its end, and Bradford has made some darn good throws.

Comment From Brad 

Are you concerned?

It's never easy on the road, and there are 2 quarters to go. Let's see.

Comment From Casey 

Packers get the ball first in the second half, I expect a nice sustained drive to put the Pack back on top. Go Packers!

They need it.

Comment From Joe 

65 total yards? AWFUL

No, not good. Can't just keep hoping for DPI calls to get into scoring position.

Comment From Trevor 

What is going on in the locker room currently?

Nobody's panicking. They're going to settle down and figure this out. The Vikings are good on defense but not unbeatable.

Comment From Matt 

It looks to me like the Packers D is going to start hammering Bradford pretty soon, it feels like it's going to turn.

If they can keep the clamps on Peterson, they're going to get their shots at Bradford.

Comment From Harsha K 

No running game. Too many deep shots instead of picking up first down. Why?

I'm surprised at all the deep shots, but the Vikes are without a top corner too, so they're trying to test them.

Comment From Joe 

Any update on Guion? Did he return, and I missed it?

I didn't see him return.

Comment From Blake 

thoughts on the new stadium? Scale of 1-10 how much do you like it Mike?

It's a beautiful place. It's loud. The Packers and Vikings are going to make a lot of history here.

Comment From jrod 

Attack Newman more?

I'm sure they'd like to, but I have to admit, I haven't watched to see if the Vikes made any adjustments with their safety.

Comment From Aaron 

Don't remember seeing Rodgers so frustrated...hope he can pull this offense together. If anyone can do it, it's him

I'm with you. He's been through this before.

Comment From Baxter

Any chance we see a crossing route this year?

They're running plenty of crossing routes. Not hitting them, for various reasons already explained.

Comment From bp 

I hope they give Abby a shot in the 2nd half. What do you think?

Wouldn't surprise me.

Comment From Marin 

Any idea what happened to Bradford's hand?

No, but it doesn't seem to have affected him any.

Comment From Dale 

We're stopping the run and forcing them right into our weakness, pass defense. can we get them out of that?

You don't want Peterson to take over the game.

Comment From Ewok 

Who's going to provide the spark we need in the second half spoff?

I'm still looking for Cook to get involved.

Comment From Shaquille 

Aaron and Jordy will right the ship

Sounds good to me. Second half kickoff coming up. Gotta run. Thanks everyone. Lots of participation tonight. I tried to get to as big a variety of questions as I could. Later, Mike

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