Packers Confident In '06 Draft Class


It's time for the Green Bay Packers staff to get some rest with the conclusion of the 2006 NFL Draft.

The Packers dealt their way from seven to 12 picks and managed to distribute them equally between offensive and defensive players. Highlighted by the fifth overall pick of linebacker A.J. Hawk, the Packers were very pleased with how things went for them draft weekend.

"I am happy for the work and dedication everybody did to put this together," an upbeat Ted Thompson said in a press conference at the end of the draft. "A lot of it is blind luck, but we think we got a little lucky. There were some players on the board a little bit later than we thought they would be and we were able to take them, and also able to accumulate a few more picks.

"I said before I think we needed to add some young core players to our team, and I think we got some outstanding players. Certainly in A.J. Hawk and some of the other players taken yesterday, but even some guys taken today. Even though they were taken second day, they are going to become household names around here. I believe that."

Thompson was very specific with the kind of players he wanted to draft. He was thrilled to be able to add more uniquely gifted players to the organization.

"It's what I like to call a country football player, a guy that knows how to play the game," Thompson said. "A guy may not be as big or fast as everybody else, but someone who always seems to make the play. These are all guys that love to practice and are passionate about the game."

Head Coach Mike McCarthy was involved in his first draft with the Packers as the team's leader. He shared the same sentiments as Thompson about the organization's performance in the draft.

"Our objective was to acquire as many picks as possible, and we're up to 12 picks so we feel like we have a lot of quality football players to add to our football team," McCarthy said. "We're excited about the last couple of days."

The team now looks to compete for the right opportunities in free agency and gear up for the start of mini-camps at the end of the week, when everyone will get their first look at the new draft picks and coach in action.

"I'm anxious for our team and you guys to see how (McCarthy) runs things," Thompson said. "I think you'll really like how Mike and his staff go about their business. I am completely confident in them."

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