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Packers don't need help to win division

The end of the day is a time for perspective


Brad from Delray Beach, FL

Vic, I'm flying up to Michigan tonight for opening day of deer season on Saturday. Deer hunting in Michigan is very similar to Wisconsin in the state holiday type culture. Will you be in the woods in Wisconsin next weekend?

No, I'm going to take the year off. I've got a lip fungus they ain't identified yet.

Steven from Droitwich, UK

Why do people dislike sarcasm so much? It's a legitimate form of humor.

Because they're very sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt.

Mattheu from Winston Salem, NC

Vic, how do you achieve perspective?

With thought. I think all of us should set aside some time at the end of the day to review the events of the day, the decisions we made and how they'll impact us going forward. I think we need to take a look at ourselves, how we've performed vs. how we want to have performed, and make adjustments for the new day.

Julie from Ontonagon, MI

The Eagles punt-return team looks formidable. If the Packers have to punt, do you think they'll try to avoid Sproles, even if it means giving up a bit of field position?

Shawn Slocum talked about this yesterday. He said it's not as easy as people think to punt the ball out of bounds. In effect, every punt is a coffin-corner try, and that's difficult to execute and achieve the net you seek. The goal this Sunday will be to avoid kicking the ball down the middle of the field; you don't want to give Darren Sproles the option of running right or left. You want to pin him against the sideline, which is how a punt team maintains leverage against a returner.

Tim from Fuquay-Varina, NC

People are starting to talk about the playoffs. Is there a way for the Packers to win the division without getting some help?

If the Packers win out, they'll be NFC North champs.

Ben from Hudson, WI

Do you think the Dolphins have a dominant defense?

They absolutely do. I think the Dolphins have the look of a team that can do something in the postseason, if Ryan Tannehill takes his game to the next level. I don't understand why they nibble so much with the passing game. Mike Wallace is one of the best deep threats in the game. I think they need to go deep more often.

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