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Packers Fans Again Lead Way In Campbell's Campaign


For the second year in a row, football fans have named the Green Bay Packers their favorite NFL team and contributed to Campbell's Tackling Hunger campaign in the process.

As part of Campbell's Click for Cans promotion, during the 2003 season the helmets of all 32 NFL teams were displayed on Campbell's official website. Visitors were invited to select their favorite team by clicking on a helmet.

Campbell's responded by donating one can of soup for each click to corresponding food banks nationwide.

The Packers generated 673,089 clicks this season, a bit down from their 2002 total of 896,762, but still good enough to lead the pack.

The Kansas City Chiefs were second with 501,120 clicks and the Minnesota Vikings were third at 352,701.

As a result of the project, more than 5 million cans of soup will be donated over the next year to a variety of hunger relief charities across the country.

The Green Bay Packers and Campbell's thank you for your efforts!

Campbell's Click For Cans

673,089 - Green Bay Packers

501,120 - Kansas City Chiefs

352,701 - Minnesota Vikings

293,794 - Dallas Cowboys

191,612 - Chicago Bears

158,228 - Cleveland Browns

157,032 - St. Louis Rams

155,049 - Denver Broncos

138,518 - Tennessee Titans

119,257 - Detroit Lions

110,743 - New York Giants

106,820 - Houston Texans

105,866 - Miami Dolphins

102,230 - Cincinnati Bengals

91,750 - Oakland Raiders

91,324 - Buffalo Bills

82,451 - Seattle Seahawks

71,462 - Baltimore Ravens

63,892 - New York Jets

52,624 - Atlanta Falcons

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