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Packers Fans To Get Up-To-Date Team News Via Verizon Wireless Text Messages


With interest in the Green Bay Packers reaching peak levels, the team and Verizon Wireless are meeting the demand for more team information by offering fans Coach's Corner, a unique and innovative way to stay on top of all Packers-related news.

Fans can now get up-to-the minute team news directly from the Packers via text messaging to their Verizon Wireless phones. Coach's Corner, officially launched today by the Green Bay Packers and Verizon Wireless, lets fans sign up through to receive the latest team news, scores, game-day traffic reports, game highlights and more.

"Our fans always want more access and more information about the team," said Bob Harlan, president of the Green Bay Packers. "This special service will give it to them quickly and efficiently."

Coach's Corner alerts are sent directly to Packers fans who have Verizon Wireless digital phones and who sign up for the service. The team uses, Verizon Wireless' simple-to-use short text messaging website, to input and deliver the messages. makes it easy to send messages to individuals and groups and lets customers set up interesting and useful information alerts, like Coach's Corner.

The alerts contain up to 160 characters of breaking news about the team and personnel, updates on game day, pre-game scouting reports, post-game comments and statistical milestones, as well as special offers during the remainder of the season.

Each alert costs two-cents to receive and fans may choose how often they want to get them. For those who want the full benefits of two-way text messaging, packages are available with 100 to 600 messages a month for $2.99 to $6.99.

To learn more about the Green Bay Packers Coach's Corner and to sign up, click here. Verizon Wireless customers can go directly to to immediately start getting their Coach's Corner alerts. More information about Verizon Wireless Mobile Messenger with Info Alerts is available at any Verizon Wireless Communications Store or at

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