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Packers fraternity of football is special

Season opener now only two days away


Matt from Vero Beach, FL

It's 24-17 Seahawks and Rodgers hits Nelson to make it 24-23 with five seconds to go. Kick and play OT or put the ball in Rodgers hand for one play for it all?

If the Seahawks had dominated time of possession and I felt my defense was spent, I might consider going for two, but I'd probably play for overtime. When Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback, I think it favors you to lengthen the game.

Lucas from Joliet, IL

How are you doing? You banned me for asking about brandy old-fashioneds, but if there was any cocktail I would describe as winsome, it would probably be a brandy old-fashioned, sweet. Anyways, there's something almost magical about that first kickoff of the season. The two teams lined up, with the players completely pumped up. The run up to the ball, the crescendo of the crowd. I'm ready. I hope they don't change it anytime soon.

I noticed my bartender kept making the same drink over and over the other day. He poured something orange into it, and then something from another bottle into it, and then squirted soda water into it, dropped a cherry into it and stuck a slice of fruit on the side of the glass. I asked him what he was making and he said it was a brandy old-fashioned. "Where's the umbrella?" I asked. He smiled and said it was Wisconsin's favorite drink. "I've made thousands of them. Do you want one?" he said. "I'm not there, yet," I said. Be that as it may, I share your joy for the first kickoff of the season and I invite you to join me on Thursday night in my run-up-to-the-ball ritual.

Travis from Fort Walton Beach, FL

Vic, what do the scouts do this time of year? Are they back to watching college players or are they still evaluating free agency/practice squads?

The pro personnel guys scout within the league. They advance the next game and continue to do tape work on players that had been released and players signed to practice squads. The college area scouts are back out in the field, driving from school to school, watching tape, accumulating information.

Kevin from Greenfield, WI

Vic, in the Super Bowl, when Kam Chancellor hit Demaryius Thomas, that set the tone for the rest of the game. I foresee Chancellor and Eddie Lacy meeting sometime in the first few series and the winner of that collision will set the tone for the game. Do you agree or sense something else may set the tone for the game?

Teams that hit don't like to be hit. It disturbs them. It can get them out of their personality.

Danny from Sun Prairie, WI

Vic, what happened before free agency? How did players switch teams other than trade?

They didn't. Free agency existed but the compensation was so stiff teams didn't participate in it. Free agency isn't really free agency unless it's unrestricted. In the old days, once a team owned your rights, they pretty much owned them until they didn't want to own them anymore. You had two choices: Play for that team or play for no team.

David from Madison, WI

Surely, Vic, you needn't be so sensitive to creating bulletin board material for the opponent. Aren't players professionals who already want to do their job to the best of their ability? Don't be so full of yourself. It's very unbecoming.


Tim from Clear Lake, WI

Vic, my mom thanks you for the Cenex gas card. Andrew, if you are ever near Clear Lake, I owe you a beer.

That's nice. I like that a lot. The best part of football is the fraternity it creates. The Packers fraternity is special.

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