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Packers Hall Of Fame Nears Completion


Construction on the new Packers Hall of Fame is still ongoing inside the Lambeau Field Atrium, but even without the finishing touches it's a site to behold.

Now more than 90-percent complete, the Packers Hall of Fame will open its doors to the public sometime in early September. Then, patrons will discover exhibits that rival any in the world of sports.

The new Packers Hall of Fame is many things.

The new Packers Hall of Fame is a museum. There are old jerseys and game programs. There's an original wooden bleacher from City Stadium, now known as Lambeau Field. There's a slab of concrete from the original tunnel that players used to enter and exit the playing grounds before the stadium renovation.

There are exhibits representing landmark games, like the Ice Bowl, and landmark events, like LeRoy Butler's first Lambeau Leap.

Within a room modeled after the Packers' current locker room, there are 'lockers' for each Packers member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, an exhibit that's made interactive with audio clips detailing player highlights.

The new Packers Hall of Fame is an entertainment center. Upon entering, visitors will arrive at a theater where they can watch a 12-minute film detailing the history of the team. Later they'll find alcoves where they can view things like bloopers reels, or shorts detailing the Packers' history with harsh winter weather.

The new Packers Hall of Fame is an interactive zone. Adults will walk into a replica of Vince Lombardi's office and want to sit at the desk. Kids will go crazy for other hands-on aspects, like the padded wall where they can make their own Lambeau Leap, or spots where they can kick a field goal, fire a pass and even 'run to daylight' through an obstacle course.

There's even an area for the youngest of fans, with football-themed toys and a slide.

The new Packers Hall of Fame is a standing tribute to fans. There are statues honoring the training camp tradition of players riding to practices on kids' bikes. There's an exhibit featuring letters, memorabilia and photos from fans.

The new Packers Hall of Fame is many things. And soon it will be open for all see.

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Notes: An exact date for the grand opening of the new Packers Hall of Fame has yet to be announced ... The predecessor of the new museum was the Packer Hall of Fame, which was dedicated in 1976 and located in the Brown County Veterans Memorial Complex until December 2002, when it closed its doors in preparation for the relocation to the Lambeau Field Atrium ... More than 2 million visitors enjoyed the Hall of Fame in its previous location, including a record 259,000 in 1997, when the Packers shrine surpassed Canton's Pro Football Hall of Fame in annual attendance.

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