Packers' Move To Benefit St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army


When the Green Bay Packers' administrative and football staffs move from the current administration building to the new Titletown Atrium offices this summer, the local community will benefit. That's because St. Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army of Green Bay will be given furnishings that are not going into the new facility. The groups will then distribute the furniture to their homeless shelters, provide it to the needy or, for items that cannot be used, sell them in their stores.

"The Packers, the Green Bay Area Professional Football Stadium District and the City of Green Bay believe this is a good way to recycle some of the items that are no longer needed, and benefit the needy at the same time," said Cathy Dworak, Packers Community Relations Manager.

Most of the existing furniture in the current administration building is being moved to the new offices. However, approximately 200 items, primarily tables, chairs, modular furnishings and cabinets will no longer be needed.

The Packers' football operation will occupy its new area in the Lambeau Atrium starting July 15th. Administration will be finished moving by July 30th. After the move is complete, a final count of the items no longer needed will be made and the two charities will remove the items from storage. That is expected to occur in early to mid September

"We've had long-standing, positive relationships with the two charities selected and they've been willing to work with us in this process," explained Dworak.

"We wanted to make sure the items will be used locally or, if sold in one of these groups' stores, the monies raised will be used locally to help the needy." Dworak also said both groups have the capabilities from a staffing and trucking standpoint to remove the items in a relatively quick fashion.

"We are very excited about this effort," said Dan Williams, Volunteer President of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Green Bay. "We operate seven shelters. Items like desks and chairs and even filing cabinets are needed so that we can help individuals and families we work with when they fill out job applications or other paperwork. This furniture will also be of great use to children living in the shelters because there is often little space for them to do their school work."

"It is wonderful that the Packers, the Stadium District and the City thought about us and how these items might be of benefit to others," said Salvation Army Major Robert Fay. "It may seem like old office furniture to some, but to us and the people we serve, it is extremely useful." Mayor Fay then added, "Plus, as a Packers fan, I have to say it's fun to be involved in something like the Lambeau Field project, which is such a major part of this community."

While a limited amount of office furniture is not making the trip to the new Titletown Atrium, all football related memorabilia will be transferred to, or held for use in, the Atrium. "Anything relating to the Packers' history - be it photos, trophies, statues or other items, will become a part of the displays at the Packers Hall of Fame, in the Atrium, or in the Packers' offices," explained Dworak. "It's important that these items be retained and preserved for future generations."

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