Packers Open Mini-Camp


Terry Glenn

It was a small step for the Green Bay Packers, but a giant leap for Terry Glenn, as veterans suited up for the first mini-camp practice of the 2002 season Wednesday.

For most, it was an opportunity to dust off some of the cobwebs, but for Glenn it was a long-awaited chance to open a new chapter in his life and put some distance on a controversial 2001 season with the New England Patriots.

Indicating that he may have battled some nervousness, Glenn said he was excited to be back on the field and starting anew with the Packers.

"Going out there and practicing today felt like a game almost, but at the same time it was practice tempo," Glenn said. "I was off-target there a little bit, but I'm looking forward to the days to come."

Head Coach Mike Sherman gave Glenn a favorable review and said he would only get better.

"We threw an awful lot of offense at our free agents," Sherman said. "Obviously it will take a while for them to adapt, but I thought he did a fine job learning the offense for what we asked him to do today and adapting to the way we practice."

Glenn admitted that transferring over to another team's terminology was like trying to learn a foreign language, but listed it as one of many things he'll pick up over time. For now, he's just happy to be back on the field and ecstatic to be in the huddle with the Packers' legendary quarterback.

"It was everything I thought it would be and I was amazed out there catching balls from Brett Favre," Glenn said. "Working with that guy is something I'm really thrilled about."


Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, who last season became the first Packer since Reggie White to post a double-digit sack total (13.5), wasn't at his normal post on the defensive line Wednesday, but instead was getting some practice at linebacker.

Just don't start relocating him on any depth charts yet. Coach Sherman is merely testing the waters.

"Anything that we want to try new this season, we did (in practice today)," Sherman said. "We're certainly not going to sit him down because of his pass-rushing skills, so if we can get a two-for-one out of him, it will certainly make my job easier making up the 45-man roster."

Considering the Packers' depth on the defensive line and lack of depth at linebacker, it's a move that makes sense, Sherman said.

"He certainly has the speed to play the linebacker position," Sherman said. "He's a good athlete, learns extremely well, very willing and we'll just have to wait and see.

"The next few days is just an attempt for us to get the most out of our talent and see if he can in fact do it. If he can't, we will have at least tried it and know. If he can, we have another potential linebacker in the bank."


So was that experimentation or just plain fun when tight end Bubba Franks caught a lateral and then completed a downfield pass that drew some healthy celebration from the offense?

"We're seeing if Bubba might be able to double as the third quarterback," Sherman joked. "I think when he takes his glove off to throw that pass it might be a little of an indication."

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