Packers Partnership Continues With 5 Area Health Care Providers


The Packers are entering the second year of a multi-year agreement with Bellin Health, St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center, St. Vincent Hospital, Prevea and Touchpoint Health Plan. In recognizing this continued partnership, the team unveiled a new billboard campaign on the side of the Don Hutson Center, the Packers official training facility.

"When people think of championships and high standards in the NFL they think of the Green Bay Packers. When people think of outstanding health care and high standards in the field of medicine, they think of our health care partners," Bob Harlan, Packers president and chief executive officer, said.

George Kerwin, president and CEO of Bellin Health, noted that all six partners have a common purpose and identity.

"Every one of these partners - each of the health care organizations and the Green Bay Packers - has a storied history of an enduring commitment to this community," Kerwin said. "This partnership exemplifies the spirit of cooperation of all of us to work together to enrich the lives of Packers fans everywhere."

Jay Fulkerson, president of Touchpoint Health Plan, also underscored the common element of commitment, observing, "The Green Bay Packers is a community organization committed to fielding a great football team, and in so doing make this a better place to live. Touchpoint Health Plan is a community organization committed to fielding a great health care team, and in so doing make this a better place to live. Touchpoint Health Plan is proud to be one of the health care partners of the Green Bay Packers."

Joseph Neidenbach, hospital administrator of St. Vincent Hospital, reflecting upon the team's long relationship with Green Bay, said, "When the Green Bay Packers have turned to the community for support, the community has always come through. However, being supportive goes both ways. The Green Bay Packers' recognition of the community's long-standing health care providers is another example of how the team also supports the community that has always been the team's home."

Dr. Robert Kaftan, president of Prevea Clinic, supports the team's strong history with the community, stating "Over the years the Packers have brought a sense of pride, history and tradition to this community. As health care providers with a long history of service to the community, we are proud to be part of the tradition and look forward to working with the Packers as their new partners in health care marketing.

James G. Coller, FACHE, administrator for St. Mary's Hospital, sums it up with "Packers fans are the best fans. The people in Green Bay and the surrounding communities are dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic - which makes Northeastern Wisconsin a great place to live, work, play and raise a family. We at St. Mary's are committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of this outstanding community, and enjoy working with the Packers organization and its high visibility to accomplish this. As a community hospital serving Green Bay for over 100 years, we've had the opportunity to act as the primary hospital for the Packers for many of those decades. We offer compassionate, high-quality care and comprehensive services, and we're proud to be among the health care providers who have served our community during the last century and into this one."

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