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Packers running game much improved since Week 3

Playing in the cold is about overcoming discomfort


Andrew from La Crosse, WI

Vic, why would NBC choose the Cincinnati-Pittsburgh game over Green Bay-Detroit next week? All four teams are in the playoffs and both games are for the division. Surely there are more people throughout America that would prefer to watch the Packers than the other teams.

You're absolutely right. This is an outrage. How could the NFL and all of those high-priced TV executives make such a mistake?

Eric from Baker, FL

Vic, is there something specific you see that's been giving the Packers trouble getting into the end zone lately? It seems the offense has been leaving a lot of points on the field. Is it strictly execution?

The Buffalo defense is the reason for the difficulty scoring in one game, and I think the trouble in Tampa can be attributed to a quarterback playing on one leg. Everybody wants FULL CONSISTENCY, but there is no FULL CONSISTENCY.

Tom from Mount Horeb, WI

I'm calling out every single person in Monday's "Ask Vic." You all are a bunch of cowards. How can you call yourself Packers fans? We have the best team in the league and you don't think we could win in Seattle? If I could have one wish it would be a chance for us to play there and demolish them. For what they did to us in the first game of the season, how can you not want and believe in redemption. I'm sickened by all your worry and hopelessness to play in Seattle. Find a new team to cheer for.

Sometimes things look good on paper, but lose their luster when you see how it affects real folks.

Matt from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, can you evaluate the difference in the Packers running game from the Week 3 loss to now? I suspect that will be key for the offense on Sunday.

The Packers running game was out of sync in the loss in Detroit. Eddie Lacy didn't get enough running room, and when he had cutback lanes available to him, he often didn't see them. The running game requires a lot of coordination between the back and his blockers. Lacy is finding the cutback lanes now and the line is playing its best football in the four years I've covered this team. That's the difference.

Mike from Monacelli, WI

Vic, the Packers do great building their team through the draft and developing these young kids. How does a team like Denver sign Peyton Manning and three big free agents this year on defense, and manage to stay under the salary cap?

By ruining its future?

Kevin from Chicago, IL

Vic, love the article; I read it every day. When the Packers played Miami earlier this season, we spent a lot of time talking about how the heat would impact that game. Now we are talking about how the cold will impact this week's game. Which has a greater impact, a cold-weather team playing in the heat or a warm-weather/dome team playing out in the cold?

Playing in the heat creates a physical disadvantage. At some point, the body is on empty and can't go. Playing in the cold is all about mentally overcoming discomfort. Playing in the heat is more daunting.

Mike from Melbourne, FL

What is the biggest game you covered that had a major upset. As a long-time Packers fan, I look forward to a game like that. We just need to take it one game at a time.

The 1996 season playoff game between the Jaguars and Broncos is probably the biggest upset I've ever covered. The Broncos were the No. 1 seed and the second-year Jaguars were a No. 6 Cinderella that sneaked into the playoffs on a missed field goal attempt by Morten Andersen. The Broncos quickly took a 12-0 lead in the game and it appeared as though it would be a blowout, but the Broncos went dead and the Jaguars rallied for what many consider to be the greatest upset in playoff history. Anything can happen.

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