Packers To Pay Special Tribute To 9-11 Victims On Anniversary Of Tragedy


The Green Bay Packers next week will pay tribute to the victims of the World Trade Center tragedy in a special way, President Bob Harlan announced Thursday.

"Shortly before last Friday night's home game against Tennessee, representatives of the New York City Fire Department presented us with an American Flag that was used in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center," Harlan said. "They said they were giving the flag to Green Bay because the city was so supportive of them during the rescue efforts.

"We, in turn, have decided to display the flag at Lambeau Field in memory of all those who lost their lives in that horrific attack. On Wednesday, the anniversary of 9-11, we are going to take down the four flags we normally fly in front of the stadium's Atrium area - the American flag, the State of Wisconsin flag and two Packers flags - and replace them for the day with the flag from the New York City Fire Department - to pay meaningful tribute to the victims and the firemen who gave their lives on that tragic Tuesday."

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